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Short summary

Blindside is a twisted real life event, captured as a short film. N.B: The names, places and some events have been altered.
Blindside is a short story, based on real life tragic events. Produced by NUH! productions, this short was filmed out in the western suburbs to help capture the environment in which these events took place. Blindside is a story of online dating, lies, sex, murder and revenge. Directed by Joshua Patterson, starring Stephanie May, Scott Grimley and Paul Armstrong.

Credited cast:
Paul Armstrong Paul Armstrong - Jeffery
David Attrill David Attrill - Priest
Dani Bower Dani Bower - Ashley
John Michael Burdon John Michael Burdon - Jason
Scott Grimley Scott Grimley - Andrew
Maryanne Kelly Agius Maryanne Kelly Agius - Kathleen (as Maryanne Kelly)
Amanda Marsden Amanda Marsden - Lana
Stephanie May Stephanie May - Pamela
Gabriele Pirovic Gabriele Pirovic - Angela
Robin Royce Queree Robin Royce Queree - Brendan (as Robin Queree)
Rob Sneddon Rob Sneddon
Madeleine Wilson Madeleine Wilson - Sarah
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