» » The Immortal My Brother's Keeper (1969–1971)

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The title is derived from the common expression: I am not my brother's keeper.

Last show of the series.

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    • Author: Mpapa
    "Where would you hide if you had million-dollar blood?" Last episode from "The Immortal" TV series has Christopher George's Ben Richards on the run from wealthy, evil Arthur Maitland and his pack of goons, finally locating his long-lost biological brother...or so he thinks! Seems Jason Richards suffered a cracked skull while serving in the military and awoke with amnesia. Unfortunately, the casting of Michael Strong in the role of Jason was a fatal misstep--he doesn't seem the type to be immune to age-progression, and in fact looks gray and frail enough to be convincing as Chris George's father! The show's focus has completely segued from taut storytelling to fisticuffs and stunt-work, while star-hero George is grim and tight-lipped throughout. Small wonder this series only lasted a single season; there's no driving force behind the narrative--just faceless bad guys versus the good guy--and no brains, either. The teleplay is illogical, the direction lax, and the voice-over narration at the climax a cheat. Goodbye "Immortal"!
  • Episode cast overview:
    Christopher George Christopher George - Ben Richards
    Michael Strong Michael Strong - Jason Richards
    Don Knight Don Knight - Fletcher
    Marj Dusay Marj Dusay - Allison Richards
    James Sikking James Sikking - Administrator
    Michael Masters Michael Masters - Dalby
    Frank Orsatti Frank Orsatti - Heavy
    Tom Stewart Tom Stewart - Assistant
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