» » Highly Specialized, Highly Committed (2013)

Short summary

In Highly Specialized, Highly Committed, you have the chance to take a lead role in one of three interactive movies. Each movie is designed to expose you to challenging situations that asses your decision making in the areas of honorable service, esprit de corps, suicide prevention and many others. You will need to make the most appropriate ethical and moral decisions based on real-life situations and you will see the results of those choices played out in a continuous dramatic story line.

Cast overview, first billed only:
James Sautter James Sautter - Tom Wilks
Nellesa Walthour Nellesa Walthour - Melissa Moore
JJ Artis JJ Artis - Mark Ellis
Patrick Cann Patrick Cann - Sanchez
Graham Wolfe Graham Wolfe - Crowley
Marilia Angeline Marilia Angeline - Lacey
Melissa Navia Melissa Navia - Reyes
Alan R. Rodriguez Alan R. Rodriguez - Davis
Kristin Muri Kristin Muri - Franco
Jeantique Oriol Jeantique Oriol - Carter
Jasson Finney Jasson Finney - Pilot in Charge
Kevin Crowley Kevin Crowley - Giordano
Daren Donofrio Daren Donofrio - Riley
Renada Romain Renada Romain - Karen Ellis
Shorey Walker Shorey Walker - Williams
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