» » Bradburys Gruselkabinett Great Wide World Over There (1985–1992)

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Cora Gibbs is an illiterate woman living on an isolated farm with her much older husband. When her educated nephew Benjy visits for the summer, she sees her opportunity to connect with the "great wide world over there" by sending and receiving mail.

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    • Author: Ranicengi
    This is one of the better short stories turned video. An illiterate farm woman, played by Tyne Dailey, lives a very secluded life at the end of a country road. The lady next door frequently goes to her mailbox and points out that she has mail. Dailey doesn't even have a mailbox. One day her nephew, a young high school graduate who has traveled some, shows up and asks to stay the summer. She asks him a favor. If he will write letters for her, he can have room and board. She begs her husband to build a mailbox. They write away for free things from a magazine and now she begins to get mail almost every day. She is one upping her neighbor. The sad thing is that the lady never got any real mail. She would go out at night and put stuff in the mailbox and pretend to receive it the next day. The conclusion to this is so quiet and so moving.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Tyne Daly Tyne Daly - Cora Gibbs
    David Orth David Orth - Benjy
    Bill Johnson Bill Johnson - Tom Gibbs
    Helen Moulder Helen Moulder - Mrs. Brabbam
    Frank Whitten Frank Whitten - Mailman
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