» » X Cyber (2001–2002)

Short summary

Satsuki gets along with computers just fine, but she can be deadly when playing with living things. There is a lab full of suits in dark glasses who want to study her gift, but Kanoe has other plans for this special girl.

Episode credited cast:
Crispin Freeman Crispin Freeman - Fûma Monô (voice)
Barbara Goodson Barbara Goodson - Old Sumeragi Clanswoman / Saya Monou / Maid (voice)
Wendee Lee Wendee Lee - Karen Kasumi (voice)
Dave Mallow Dave Mallow - Seishirô Sakurazuka (voice)
Mona Marshall Mona Marshall - Nataku / Mitsuru / Ken / Girl / Maid (voice)
Bob Papenbrook Bob Papenbrook - Kanoe's Boss (voice) (as John Smallberries)
Jamieson Price Jamieson Price - Kusanagi Shiyu / Satsuki's Father / Man At Basketball Game / Additional Voices (voice) (as James Lyon)
Michelle Ruff Michelle Ruff - Kotori Monô (voice)
Philece Sampler Philece Sampler - Yuzuriha Nekoi / Tokiko Magami (voice) (as Victoria Pryne)
Lia Sargent Lia Sargent - Arashi Kishû (voice)
Tony Schnur Tony Schnur - Fisherman / Kamui's Teacher (voice) (as John Riggins)
Steve Staley Steve Staley - Kamui Shirô (voice) (as Steve Cannon)
Terrence Stone Terrence Stone - Kakyo Kuzuki / Teenager / Gang Member (voice) (as Terry Roberts)
Karen Strassman Karen Strassman - Satsuki Yatouji / Woman / Seishiro's Mother (voice)
Jun'ichi Suwabe Jun'ichi Suwabe - Fûma Monô (voice) (as Junichi Suwabe)
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