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The Kramdens and the Nortons are going to a Halloween party. Alice has made their costumes and Ralph doesn't like his. He decides to go a bum and rips up his only suit. Alice tries to stop him but he insists he won't need the suit again. When the people they were supposed to go with arrive he finds out it's not a Halloween party it a formal dance for his bosses birthday. Once Ralph realizes he can't go to this party he winds up having to apologize to Alice who of course forgives him.

The Honeymooners sketch, 'Halloween Party', runs 9:22 in length.

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    • Author: Just_paw
    Ralph and the gang are preparing for a costume party. Alice is an angel, Ed is Clara Bow, Trixie is a Sailor, and Ralph is a Zulu chief. Of course, he is furious that Alice made this stupid costume for him. There is all the mania that goes on when Ralph gets desperate. But, as is often the case, a mistake that was made. It does show the resiliency of the marriage. Gleason is wonderful and the scene when the friends show up is priceless.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason - Himself - Host / Ralph Kramden
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Ray Bloch Ray Bloch - Bandleader
    Art Carney Art Carney - Ed Norton
    The June Taylor Dancers The June Taylor Dancers - Themselves
    Jack Lescoulie Jack Lescoulie - Himself - Announcer
    Audrey Meadows Audrey Meadows - Alice Kramden
    George Petrie George Petrie - Freddie Muller
    Joyce Randolph Joyce Randolph - Trixie Norton
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