» » Lafnetscha (2013)

Short summary

In abandoned places there runs a special time - a time at the edge, a kind of limbo. They are places that exist in a gap between yesterday and today, with no more purpose of existence, they are not inhabited, but abandoned. Seven old houses in South Tyrol, forgotten, in beautiful surroundings; seven houses, half alive, half dead, four dancers and a countertenor who will tell their the story. They will only find their peace when they unite their paths and try a new beginning in a final location, a Fort far above them all. Two actors leading the ghosts. Like the houses the dancers are hanging between life and death; like good ghosts they cannot leave the circle of their house on their own.

Credited cast:
Christian Müller Christian Müller - Albert
Repetto Valentina Repetto Valentina - Livia
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