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Allison Kramer suffers recurring nightmares and selective amnesia. She returns to camp to discover the truth only to find dark memories coming to life before her very eyes.

The film began production in 1992, but while filming the production company, Double Helix Films, went bankrupt and production was shut down. The existing footage was put together and included as a Best Buy exclusive bonus disk in the 2002 Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit DVD box set.

This movie was never completed. It was compiled of the 30+ minutes shot and outtakes from the other sequels.

In November 2010, Fangoria magazine made an official announcement of the film's completion.

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    • Author: Uste
    If you bought the Sleepaway Camp DVD Boxset from Best Buy then you probably have the exclusive Bonus 4th DVD which contains the unfinished footage for Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor.

    Sleepaway Camp IV is not a movie, in fact the production was shut down after only a few days. Very little film footage was actually shot, and the footage which was shot is more like rehearsal footage. It's interesting to watch once, but it's not something you'd really want to watch over and over again...
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    • Author: Pedar
    Here in the UK this 4th disc isn't available as it was in the US as part of a Best Buy exclusive offer with the boxset. Being a bit of a completist a friend of mine in the US kindly sent over his copy, insisting the whole time that it was really quite poor, and still I was excited about getting a glimpse of this incomplete sequel.

    I think the first thing that has to be said is though the running length is 30 minutes, you are perhaps only getting 4 or 5 different scenes (totalling maybe 7 minutes if that), but with numerous takes. Some are mundane shots like a person running through the same patch of woods, or screaming, over and over again. So don't be deceived into believing what you will have is 30 minutes of storyline or character development which ends abruptly. Nope- there's so little here that even the trailer struggles to be coherent...and fails.

    It is harsh to judge based on just a few minutes of footage but it doesn't FEEL like a Sleepaway Camp movie. It lacks the atmosphere of the first film, the humour of parts 2 and 3, and with only 3 characters on film there's no hint of a camp, so even the setting feels wrong, and far more isolated. It sadly reminded me of those cheap TV soft core films (you know the kind- Red Shoe Diaries type of thing) but set in the woods. I don't know if the film intended to go down the skin flick route but that's the impression you get.

    So my advice- if you get this as a freebie, fine, view away and sigh in relief that this film was never completed. If you are a completist (and I know it's hard to be talked out of buying things!) please don't spend too much money tracking this one down.
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    • Author: Usaxma
    Sleepaway Camp IV never existed. It was supposed to, but didnt. What anyone who got the Sleepaway Camp box set got was a bonus DVD of scenes that were shot for the movie, but it was never finshed, and what was left over was a bunch of random scenes which barely tied in together.
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    • Author: Rivik
    Sleepaway 4 was planned in 1992 to tie together the very different chapters of the series into one cohesive story by dealing with the mysteries via a character of a young woman who may or may not be Angela (she claims to have amnesia) going back to where the killings happened. Someone tries to rape her like Artie did, then the murders begin all over again in the isolation of the deserted forest.

    Unfortunately after filming a few scenes they shut down due to various troubles the company was going through. Some claim it was the quality of the footage that shut it down but the company actually shut all their films down that were in production at the time.

    Cut to many years later when a webmaster thankfully tracked down the footage and got it released on DVD. While to the average joe who knows nothing about how movies are shot, all the endless takes will be boredom enducing, but to hardcore fans, the unedited footage is GOLD. Just the making of a few of the quite (read: cheap to shoot) scenes in what was to be a gory masterpiece had it "Survived". But nethertheless a glimpse at what could have been.
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    • Author: Lilegha
    The Cinema Snob reviewed this recently and I agree completely. Now let me get this out of the way first. I'm a fan of Sleepaway Camp and I have been for many years, and it's quite frankly one of my favorite movie franchises and series ever. Cheesy as it may be, it has a special place in my heart. I own the box set that comes with the booklet, the trilogy and the bonus disk containing the footage for the would-be part 4 in the Sleepaway Camp series; The Survivor. Years later when I heard they were going to make a full length movie out of this, I had very little hope and not many expectations for it; and it turns out I was right.

    To put it simply if you have the box set that includes The Survivor (40-50 minutes of unfinished footage from the project that was canceled when Double Helix went bankrupt), take some of that footage and throw clips from the first three movies and blend it together. That's the full-length version of The Survivor. If you haven't seen that, then I'll use another example. Take Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 for example. That movie is basically two movies in one, about half of the footage being from the first movie and the remainder being what was made for the second. Now, take the clips that were used from the first movie and place them randomly throughout the movie with no real rhyme or reason for their placing. Or if that's too hard, do that with the Friday the 13th movies. Take random clips from the first few movies and place them randomly in Friday the 13th Part 5. That's this movie.

    I know the maker(s) of this meant well, but they should have left The Survivor alone to collect dust on a shelf and in box sets everywhere, to fade into obscurity like Sleepaway Camp V: Berserk. This was totally unnecessary and a big waste of time for everyone. If you want to watch this, be my guest and rent it. But don't buy it in all honesty. It's not worth it.
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    • Author: Dodo
    Sleepaway Camp IV (2012)

    BOMB (out of 4)

    After the success of SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2 and 3, plans for a fourth film were made and eventually filming began. Shortly after that the company behind the picture went bankrupt so the film production stopped. Years later Anchor Bay released a boxset of the three films and as an added bonus they included production footage and outtakes from the fourth film. Then, in 2008, the long awaited RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP was released but then word got out about a "new" film.

    That "new" film turned out to be SLEEPAWAY CAMP IV: THE SURVIVOR, which in the end is nothing but a cheap way to milk money out of fans. This film runs 70 minutes and about ten minutes worth of that is footage from the unreleased part four. The other sixty minutes are scenes from the first three movies. To be more clear, all the death scenes and "highlights" from the first three movies are played here.

    There are so many problems with this film but the biggest is the fact that there simply wasn't enough footage to make a fourth film. You get movies like SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2 where a little footage is shown and then footage from the original is thrown in to make it a feature. That doesn't happen here because there just wasn't enough original footage. Even worse is the fact that the footage from the first three films is of horrible quality and the editing is just awful. The "story" they try to tell with all the footage is just embarrassing.

    There's really no point in watching this film when the first three movies are available in wonderful special editions and the fourth film's outtakes can be viewed in many places.
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    • Author: Hono
    Luckily, I knew exactly what I was getting into before I even watched this. Essentially, this is nothing more than clips from the first three movies intermixed with the raw production footage for the unfinished 1992 sequel that was included as a bonus disc in the first round of Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit boxed sets.

    Before you decide to watch this movie, you must first get it out of your head that this is going to be any sort of straight-forward narrative, or wind up being any type of real sequel to the first three films. It really helps to think of this as nothing more than a flashback episode of a television sitcom. It takes all the key scenes from the first three films and melts them together with a new, virtually threadbare story (Just like flashback episodes of Family Guy, Friends, Seinfeld, or any other television show out there). As a huge Sleepaway Camp fanatic, I sometimes find it difficult to decide on which film to watch. And on days that I can't decide, this will do quite nicely, because it is basically having your cake and eating it too. Is this the worst of the series? Absolutely. But is it so bad that I will never watch it again? Absolutely NOT.

    And for the record, before any of you IMDb trolls start complaining about my review, I am ONLY a fan, and I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT work for anyone involved in the production or distribution of these films. Not everyone who happens to like a movie that others seem to hate is a bigwig exec trying to dupe you into spending money.
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    • Author: Delalbine
    This shouldn't be on IMDb. It's not really a movie and no one should ever watch it. Clearly no one from this site has seen it because if they had, they would not let it be here. It was bad enough that parts 2 and 3 used old footage but this is all old footage. Hopefully one day they will make a proper part 4 and have Dave Matthews sister star in it.
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    • Author: Amis
    Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor (2002) was never finished and I'm glad they didn't. The footage that they shot looked real bad. The bad camera quality and direction screams both cheap and amateur. This movie came in the Sleepaway Survival Kit version that was only available at a certain mega chain store. But weeks after it was released this version of the box set was pulled off the shelves. There's a certain corporate logo that was included on the box and it riled up certain individuals who demanded it's removal.

    I must count my blessings that this movie was never released. This world is filled with terrible and unwatchable horror movies. What we don't need is another one. About twenty minutes of raw footage (of a cop chasing a scantly clad woman around a wooded area)is the only thing that exists of the this movie. So until some investors decide to get together and threaten the world with another franchise film, this is a;ll that remains of the series.

    Not worth searching out.
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    • Author: Doukasa
    LOL ... Has anyone ever seen the trailer for this film? I have never laughed so hard in my life...I think both my lungs popped. It looks like a film crew went out in the woods with three actors and shot a bunch of footage and then edited it together. Its almost like one of those trailers that was put together to present at a studio as a "visual aid" for a possible idea for a movie. And the guys echoed voice was priceless.
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    • Author: Angana
    This movie was never finished due to budget problems. In my opinion it could have been left unfinished. However, it was enjoyable in it's own way. Most reviewers hate this film but if you understand the circumstances and the idea behind the project.

    It's more of a review of the previous films than anything. The new bits could have used some better explaining or more thought in the opening text but overall it's a sort of call back to the original trilogy. If you understand the project was cut and then they attempted to salvage it, it's really not too terrible. I wouldn't spend a dime on it and I certainly wouldn't want it again. But if you are marathoning the movies in order and/or want to be a completionist fan, give it a gander with the full understanding what you are getting into.
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    • Author: Heri
    This sequel looked like it really sucked from the very beginning! I mean the idea of a victim from the first one (Judy) would come back to kill innocent people for no exact reason it just seems to stupid to be true! I swear even if this movie was made it would of been a box office flop! The footage makes it look like it didn't even have a true written script. If you're a fan of the original 3 than stay the heck away from this one because it will truly not make sense when you see it and you will be disappointed at how much this one ruined the original storyline for all three of the previous films. All I got to say is thank god this film was abandoned! I would of been destroyed for life if I ever had to see a worthless sequel like this. It's a 0 out of 10.
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    • Author: SARAND
    I was so happy when this came out, a new addition to the Sleepaway Camp slasher film series! When I finally got a copy of it I couldn't wait to see it...

    It was just a bunch of footage from the original Sleepaway Camp trilogy, with added footage from an unreleased 1992 4th Sleepaway Camp. It was pretty bad, to put it nicely. There's a lot more I could say about it but it would involve a lot of cursing. Watched all the Sleepaway Camp films and want something similar? Don't watch this one, try watching Son of Sleepaway Camp, the Burning or Friday the 13th. Unfortunately Survivor doesn't offer much, which is very disappointing because I love the Sleepaway Camp series.
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    • Author: Punind
    I am a huge fan of Sleepaway Camp 1, 2 and 3. They are great movies, scary, gross, cheesy at times and just plain fun. They are every bit deserving of their cult status. Therefore, I was really excited when I found this movie, presumably, I thought, number 4, last night on a movie site. I started watching and waiting (and waiting) for some semblance of of what the other three movies provided. How utterly disappointed I was and I ended up turning it off after about 45 minutes, when I realized it was a joke on the viewers. Basically, all this movie is, are quick scenes from the first 3 movies put together in random order. Occasionally, the camera cuts to a pensive young woman in a bathing suit who seems lost in thought. There is no new material, no script, no nothing! Just choppy scenes from movies past.

    This was a total waste of time and a HUGE disappointment.
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    • Author: Burisi
    "Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor" was the dreamchild of 1992 that sadly never came true. The film was originally intended to be the fourth installment "Sleepaway Camp" series. It was partially filmed in October 1992 but was never completed due to lack of funding. In 2002 the unfinished footage from the first day of shooting was released and made available as an exclusive fourth disc with the Best Buy edition of the Region 1 "Sleepaway Camp" box set.

    But...all was not lost! John Klyza, webmaster of SleepawayCampFilms, helped put together an official final cut of the film which they said would bring closure to the Survivor's legacy. The final film would be 70% material from the first three films and 30% new Survivor material. Is the final film one to be cherished into the hearts of Sleepaway Camp fans everywhere or does it deserve to stay as archived material?

    Well, the answer my fellow slasher fans is one that you do not want to hear. "Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor" is not good. Everything about it is terrible in every way that you could only imagine and in several ways that you would have thought they wouldn't have been able to screw up. What's wrong with it? In honor of this terrible movie I will be taking my comments and editing them into a half hearted review. Here we go!

    * The flashback clips are the worst quality clips they could find. I'm talking VHS copy of a copy bad. It is grainy, distorted, and hard to make out.

    * The sound quality is not good. The "new" footage is far too loud and you can't even hear the old footage. Prepare to have the remote handy for adjusting the volume...every few seconds!

    * The new material doesn't make any sense whatsoever and doesn't flow with the editing of the first three films. A random "added" line of dialogue here and there doesn't help matters at all. If anything it just becomes more distracting.

    * The old footage (especially from the original film) is so grainy it's hard to know what's going on. I know I already commented on this but after a good Anchor Bay release of the original series, this is inexcusable.

    * The tacked on ending is not only super cheesy but it's hard to tell what is even supposed to be happening. All of a sudden our "main girl" is with some burned guy. I don't know what the heck happened.

    * The editing of the old clips either start too late or end too early cutting off gags that make the scene work. The pacing is key in order to make a good death and they couldn't even edit them from the first one in a consistent way.

    * The deaths are cut in a way that we never actually see what is supposed to be the gruesome aftermath. Once again, bad editing and there is no excuse for this when the material has already been used.

    * The voice-over is so bad in the new footage that it doesn't even match what is happening on screen. This only gets worse as the movie progresses.

    In short, this movie is only worth owning if you can find it super cheap (hopefully free). Anything over $5 is too much. I really do appreciate the effort but I will never watch this again. If you own the bonus disc, you own ALL of the new material. 30% new material? What a lie. There is barely 10 minutes worth of material here that wasn't originally shown in the first three films. Is it unfair for me to judge this as a final film when it clearly isn't one? Of course not. Nonetheless, is it fair to expect horror fans to pay for material they already own? Absolutely not.
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    • Author: Nenayally
    This "movie" is a complete dump. Bunch of stock footage from the first movie strung together with awful footage filmed for this sequel. Doesn't make any sense because the actual movie was never finished. Don't waste your time on this.
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    • Author: Hatе&love
    Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is a film that is incomplete. The story of it is between decent and bad, but the rest is crap. Here are the other problems with this film: 1. Allison, who is said to be at Camp Arawak during the first Sleepaway Camp movie, has little character and had nothing to do with Angela. 2. 80% of this movie is FOOTAGE FROM THE FIRST 3 SLEEPAWAY CAMP FILMS! 3. The film has no connection to the 2nd or 3rd movies. 4. The hunter, Eugene, contributes almost nothing to this film. 5. Acting isn't that good. 6. Lots ot the camera shots are awful, especially the freeze frame part.

    The good thing about this film is that it ignores Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008). But this promising film is terrible and incomplete, but you have to see it to know how bad it is.
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    • Author: ndup
    Quite a few years ago I watched the original Sleepaway Camp trilogy (that being the Robert Hiltzik original and the two Michael A Simpson sequels) I loved them so much, they were fun 80s slasher movies but I wanted more, Halloween had 9 movies (at the time) so why couldn't Sleepaway Camp have more than three.

    Eventually my curiosity was peaked when looking through one of the sleepaway camp websites, apparently in 1992 there was going to be a sequel to the trilogy called "Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor" it got shelved though when the production company ran out of money. I had mixed feelings toward this, on one hand it sucked because it was most likely never going to be made, on the other hand though I needed to find out more about this project, what was the plot going to be? was anyone going to return from the last movie?

    I read the script treatment for it, watched the trailer made up of the footage they shot and even wrote a fan novelization for it just for fun. Then I put it away and got on with other stuff I wanted to do.

    Years rolled by "Return to Sleepaway Camp" came out and I was happy because it felt like Sleepaway Camp and could conceivably fit into the canon of the Michael A Simpson films. However I felt like Sleepaway Camp 4 should've been the Survivor, it should've had stronger ties to the trilogy but I had written my little fan novel and was content to let it go.

    Then in 2012 I find out Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is completed and available on Amazon, naturally I am very shocked and happy and confused. I buy it, watch it and... it's a clip show! - a clip show edited rather perfectly with the footage they had shot for Survivor, new music and a story told quite well given the fact that they really didn't have the budget to do a lot - there's a narration linking the story and the flashbacks together and it feels like something made in the early 1990s.

    I've seen a lot of sites rip this film apart because of the things I mentioned in the paragraph above but I believe it's something to be proud of - it feels like an early 90s slasher, it feels like Sleepaway Camp, it's creative, it's ingenious. Do I think it's perfect? Of course not! but do I think it's fun - hell yeah and it's also got one hell of a nice DVD cover to go with the rest of the Sleepaway Camp films I own.

    If you know what Sleepaway Camp 4 is - chances are you'll love it. If you don't, learn about it, I think the treatment, trailers etc. are still online.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Carrie Chambers Carrie Chambers - Allison
    Victor Campos Victor Campos - Eugene The Hunter
    John Lodico John Lodico - Jack The Ranger
    Felissa Rose Felissa Rose - Angela Baker (archive footage)
    Jonathan Tiersten Jonathan Tiersten - Ricky Thomas (archive footage)
    Karen Fields Karen Fields - Judy (archive footage)
    Christopher Collet Christopher Collet - Paul (archive footage)
    Mike Kellin Mike Kellin - Mel Costic (archive footage)
    Katherine Kamhi Katherine Kamhi - Meg (archive footage)
    Loris Diran Loris Diran - Billy (archive footage) (as Loris Sallahian)
    John Dunn John Dunn - Kenny (archive footage)
    Desiree Gould Desiree Gould - Aunt Martha (archive footage)
    Owen Hughes Owen Hughes - Artie (archive footage)
    Robert Earl Jones Robert Earl Jones - Ben (archive footage)
    Paul DeAngelo Paul DeAngelo - Ronnie (archive footage)
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