» » Making Fiends Charlotte's First Day (2008)

Short summary

A happy girl from Vermont named Charlotte comes to the town of Clamburg with her cheerful grandmother Charlene. Charlotte starts at Mu Elementary School right away. Mr. Milk welcomes Charlotte and tells her to take a seat. Then, Vendetta enters the class room and Charlotte starts talking to her. Already now, Charlotte annoys Vendetta, even though she is only nice. Vendetta decides to bring a fiend to Show and Tell the next day. Charlotte brought her hamster, Buttons, her "favorite hamster in the whole world", and a rock, that Vendetta "gave" to her. In real, she threw it. Vendetta brought a tentacle fiend that was supposed to eat Charlotte, but the Giant Kitty saved her.

Episode credited cast:
Peter Merryman Peter Merryman - Grudge / Mr. Milk / Marvin / Malachai
Aglaia Mortcheva Aglaia Mortcheva - Vendetta
Amy Winfrey Amy Winfrey - Charlotte / Marion
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