» » Ella Ready, Set, Go Slow?!/Ella's Antics (2012– )

Ella Ready, Set, Go Slow?!/Ella's Antics (2012– ) watch online HD

Ella Ready, Set, Go Slow?!/Ella's Antics (2012– ) watch online HD
  • Original title:Ready, Set, Go Slow?!/Ellau0027s Antics
  • Category:TV Episode / Animation / Family
  • Released:2012–
  • Director:Larry Jacobs
  • Actors:Devan Cohen,Addison Holley,Avery Kadish
  • Writer:Brian Hartigan,Shelley Hoffman
  • Duration:24min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

Ready, Set, Go...Slow? Belinda's bluster is more than Frankie can stand. To prove she's faster than Frankie, Belinda challenges him to a "winner-takes-all" race. When Frankie hurts his leg before the race, Belinda is ready to claim victory, until Ella steps in to take Frankie's place. Even though Ella isn't as fast as Belinda, she knows "slow and steady" wins the race. Ella's Antics The science fair is coming up and Ella is going to build an ant-farm. Instead of spending time on her science project, Ella joins her friends at the park and rushes to build the ant-farm. The next day, disaster strikes at the science fair, because Ella did a sloppy job.

Episode credited cast:
Devan Cohen Devan Cohen - Frankie (voice)
Addison Holley Addison Holley - Ella
Avery Kadish Avery Kadish - Tiki
Helen Taylor Helen Taylor - Mrs. Briggs
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