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A woman, who is frowned upon being the ugliest woman around, falls hopelessly in love with her boss who is the heir of a film enterprise.

Angélica Vale has a cameo as Lety in the American remake Дурнушка (2006).

Angélica Vale suffered a series of unfortunate events during production. Vale severely cut her hand while filming a scene, suffered chronic fatigue from her intense filming schedule and was later diagnosed with Typhoid fever.

Angélica Vale lost 44 pounds for the role of Lety.

Lety and Julieta are portrayed by real life mother and daughter Angélica María and Angélica Vale.

Jaime Camil dropped out of a Broadoway musical to star in this series.

Actor Jaime Camil (who plays Fernando Mendiola) and actress Angélica Vale (who plays Letícia Padilla Solís) are really close friends in real life, years before the telenovela was first shot.

Actor Sergio Mayer (Luiggi Lombardi) is married with Issabela Camil, Jaime Camil's (Fernando Mendiola) sister. Sergio and Issabela have two kids - Victoria and Antonia.

The interpreters of Omar Carvajal (Agustín Arana) and Carolina Angeles (Nora Salinas) are married in real life since 2010.

User reviews

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    • Author: Vispel
    I think some reactions towards the show are very exaggerated, the show is not as bad as some pretend to make us believe. First of all the casting is excellent: In the role of Fernando Mendiola (Armando Mendoza in the original show) is the gorgeous Mexican actor and singer Jaime Camil, a man with a huge charisma and a good sense of humor that makes the story really fun to watch. In the main role is Angélica Vale, a very talented and beautiful Mexican actress and singer, daughter of Angélica María a.k.a. "La novia de México". Her performance is really good, even though her interpretation of Leticia Padilla (Beatriz Pinzón in the original show) has certain differences regarding the original character. Besides this (though I believe these actors would be enough to guarantee the quality of the show) the rest of the casting is conformed by the best of Mexican television and Mexican artistic world (such as José José "El príncipe de la canción" starting as Erasmo, the father of Lety), which shows how carefully the selection was done. Believe me when I tell you that there is no weak link in this production.

    What I believe is bothering most of the people who watched "Betty la Fea" is the change in the tone of the show, because while the original one was a very dramatic story with some touches of humor, this remake is more directed towards the light comedy, but then again it is a remake, a version of the original, and it proposes not only a lighter tone in the story but a leading star (Lety) with a stronger personality than that of Betty. Don't get me wrong, she is not the soul of the party but she certainly has more self-confidence in her professional behavior, though her emotional condition seems as precarious as that of Betty. In the end I think all this only contributes to make the show more interesting because the changes will demand a more careful treatment of some delicate situations within the story, which I hope will achieve a successful solution. All I ask you is to give this show an opportunity before judging, I am also a great fan of "Betty la fea" and that is why I can assure you that this show will fulfill all your expectations.
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    • Author: MEGA FREEDY
    when i first saw this show on the Spanish channel here in the u.s.a. i was immediately sucked into the show. not only is the theme song so good but the casting is excellent. everything in this show is top quality. i don't know why people say it's low quality. i see nothing low quality.. maybe it's there TV hahah. but no really this show is my favorite and i am so interested in everything this show has to offer. i don't want to name the casting because i forget how to spell there names but i got to say the casting and the main character are superb. i love the way the main character lety acts. when she gets nervous she starts twitching. i just thought it was so funny. i also love the pace of this show. everything is so nice and smooth. everybody in the show looks perfect for the roles. i also love the so called "ugly group" they are so funny and they have this awesome design. i just can't explain everything here.. i give this novela a high rating. also i heard this was a remake of several shows with the same theme. i never saw them and if i did now i probably wouldn't like them. since i saw this one first.
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    • Author: Onetarieva
    My hubby and I watch this novella every night, we don't miss it. I can't wait to see what happens. Alisia F, drives me insane, just the way she acts. I love the friends of Lety's they crack me up. I don't want to see Lety hurt at all by Fernado. I thought it was so great seeing Lety and Alisia sing on Cauntando Por Un Sueno. It was great. I'm sorry if I spelled some names and things wrong. My writing in Spanish isn't that great. This Novella has me laughing all the way through. My husband is from Oaxaca Mexico, and we have watched other novellas before, but this is by far the best so far. All the characters are the greatest. I enjoy it, and plan on watching it till the end.
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    • Author: sobolica
    I like it, but you kind of have to be Mexican to get the humor... I think Jaime Camil and Angelica Vale are great comedic actors, and they make their audience connect with them... Here in Mexico the show is a great success, and the musical album it's a hit too... I saw a bad review about this show, and I thought people should know that this is a light fun series to watch , it's not meant to be taken so seriously, but it's definitely a stress reliever, you get caught in the mini adventures of the characters, you want the handsome guy to fall in love with the ugly girl, the ugly girl to become pretty, the end of this story is predictable, but I think is part of it's charm, and I highly recommend it to everyone.
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    • Author: Dangerous
    The first time I saw "La Fea...." sometime in May with my daughter in law who is Cuban. I understand very little Spanish so now I must watch very closely the body language and facial expressions. I find that I understand a little bit more and more. It would be helpful if there would be English captions as this would be helpful in understanding the Mexican dialect. I love Angelica Vale and her mother and father are so genuine. Thomas is a "hoot". I luv Simon'character. I just luv the entire cast. They are all very perfect for each of their roles. Sergio is very talented in his role as Luigi. He is so funny. Dios Mio. Augustin is great as Jaime's business partner. Jaime is so handsome and funny. He and Angelica have such great timing and play their characters so well. I look forward to see Letty transform into a beautiful woman, and I cannot wait to see the expression on Marcia and Alicia's face. I never thought I would arrange my schedule so that I would be home to watch this wonderful novella as much as possible. Thank you. Thank you for opening up a whole new dimension in my life.
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    • Author: Rainshaper
    I LOVE IT! People have criticized it because it is a remake of the Colombian version. I have been watching soaps all my life and I can assure you that this version is much funnier and better. The colombian soap was to serious and sometimes dry. This one makes you laugh, the characters are very well known and experienced. This novel has gotten better ratings and more fans than the original one!! I hope this one won't be as long as the original one as it dragged for several months and I lost some interest in it.

    Jaime Camil is a gorgeous and sexy man! The producer could have not picked a better actor.

    I love it and will buy it when it comes out on DVD!!
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    • Author: Grinin
    One of the best comedy I ever seen. This is the newer and funnier version of "Betty la Fea"(Betty the ugly). Angelica Vale who plays as Letty is very funny and talented!! This show is about the smart yet ugly Letty who is very loyal yet in love with the President of the Company. Don Fernando is the handsome yet a player. He's the president of the company that produces T.V Comms. Fernando relies on Letty a lot since she's very smart and very loyal to him. Angelica Vale, who is a comedian herself is doing a great job on her character. All the actors/actress in this show are great including the gay guy Luigi(Sergio Meyer) who in real life is straight. I seen both Betty la Fea and this show yet I love "La Fea mas Bella" because it's way very funny and smart!! Who ever dislike this show has no sense of humor!!!
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    • Author: Wenes
    I thought my mother was really weird when she started watching this soap opera. I thought the ladies where loud and the men obnoxious. I'd say a few months into it I just started watching it and couldn't believe how quickly I grew to love it. I hope that it is released on DVD soon because I definitely will be one of the 1st people to buy it. I unfortunately missed the grand finale because my DVR didn't register the title change and so it didn't record. I could not sleep all night because of it and have been sending messages to Univision to repeat it. I NEED to see it!!!! If anyone hears about a release date or a repeat date I would really appreciate knowing about it.
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    • Author: Thetahuginn
    I normally don't watch novella but La Fea mas Bella has me totally hooked. It is funny and sweet and I love all of the characters. Jose Jose is hysterical as Lety's overprotective father. I also love Angelica Maria (who Angelica Vale real mom)as Lety's mom. The Solis family love each other very much and that is a wonderful thing to see on TV nowadays. Even the bad guys on the show have something going for them. You have to laugh at Alecia's antics and wails. Luigi's reaction to the quartel is funny. I also love that while the main character thinks she's ugly she knows she has stuff going for her. She doesn't let herself get run over but the pretty people. What I think is great about this telenovela is that Jamie Camil and Angelica Vale have amazing chemistry and I can't wait to see what happens next.
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    • Author: Vuzahn
    I love this novella. It's hilarious. I usually don't watch novellas. I always figured that it was a female thing. But one night a couple of months ago I heard my wife downstairs in the living room just cracking up. I went down to see what was so funny, and I decided to watch it with her. I have been hooked ever since. My wife is Colombian, so she's naturally partial to the original, but she likes this version, too.

    Fernando is hilarious. The girls in "La Cuartel" are funny, too. And they are far from "fea". I love the sexy, silly character of Alicia-She's got big boobs and a bucketload of vanity, and actually funny. As a matter of fact, the entire cast is excellent. I have to avoid the spoilers, because I want to see what happens to Leti. Will she win out in the end?.........
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    • Author: Sudert
    Yes, this remake is funnier than the original, but hasn't anybody noticed how the producer's decision to change the personality of certain characters actually changes the whole story??? In the original version, Betty is an incredibly smart girl, and gets really nervous around people, obviously because her father kept her from socializing..ever. But over all those nerves, you could see her intelligence, there was no doubt about that. But this version just changed the whole thing. Angelica Vale makes the character sound childish, instead of nervous. That goofy laugh doesn't help. Betty's laugh made her seem geeky, which was the whole point, but Letty's laugh makes her seem stupid. Honestly, seeing Lety act so ignorant makes it impossible to see her as a smart girl. I love Angelica Vale, by the way, and I blame the producers and directors for this one. Same thing with Lety's mom...the original version made it clear that Betty acted like her father and got her features from his side of the family including her laugh, and Julia, her mom was the normal one, which, believe it or not, helped the story a lot, but making Julieta, Lety's mom, the goofy one in this version just doesn't make it. The story is funny, but I just don't buy it. By the way, adding kids to the story-bad idea.
  • comment
    • Author: Auau
    I started watching the 'novela' because I loved "Betty La Fea", the original Colombian version. But lately, it has become so stupid and ridiculous, that the best description I can think of is "TRASH"!!!! The characters are exaggerated, the plot is ridiculous, and chapters come and chapters go, and they are still dealing with the same situation. It's a shame, 'cause I've seen lots and lots of excellent Mexican productions in the past, but this one has failed. I first thought it was going to be a hit, but for the last month or so I have forced myself to watch it, and today was the worse: I just decided not to watch it anymore.
  • comment
    • Author: Gralsa
    I watched the colombian version and this one is also really good. They added the Mexican taste to it and some more jokes making it really funny. There is a lot of improvisation like the theater so it makes a really great performance. But the think that it surpasses the Colombian version is the amazing chemistry between the leads: Angelica Vale and Jaime Camil share so must passion, and totally dive into their characters that make TV burnt into flames (some say is because they are dating in real life too;))and their scenes together make you laugh when they are being funny and make you cry when they are being dramatic. Is a wonderful version and if you liked the original and get Mexican humor you will like this one too! I'm looking forward for the American version on September!!!!!
  • comment
    • Author: Nidora
    I think it's one of the greatest soap operas I've ever seen. I've been watching them for years, but recently got hooked on this Spanish speaking one. I have studied a little Spanish, but that doesn't matter. Inever thought I'd be running to my TV every week night to watch this and Mundo Dee Fieras. I don't dare miss either of them and always record them.

    Why? They're exciting, hilarious, wonderful... fabulous casting, great dramatic presentations whether humorous or serious. Lety is adorable. So are Fernando and Aldo in their own ways. The other characters enchanting. I love it all and never want it to stop. American soaps can't compare with these. NOt possibly!
  • comment
    • Author: Mr_Mix
    I've been watching this show every Monday in my Spanish class at school. At first, when my teacher turned it on, I tuned out slightly and did not show much interest. But as the show got more in depth, the story and lovable characters captivated me. Lety is our heroine in this story and you will fall in love with her the moment you see her. I know I did. This story is well thought out, funny, dramatic, and captivating. It will make you laugh, cry, and beg for more when the episode is over. By far, one of my favorite shows. Now I anxiously wait for Monday to roll around so we can watch the next episode! It's definitely worth seeing. I completely recommend it
  • comment
    • Author: Legionstatic
    This has to be one of the funniest telenovelas I have ever seen. I cannot even eat because I cannot take my eyes off the tele. The storyline is extremely captivating with a few comedic diamonds. Such as Luigi, who is an extremely flamboyant gay director for a company named Conceptos, who I believe is an awesome actor right up there with Nathan Lane in the Birdcage. Following the lives and the hilariously stupid antics is really a joy.

    The DVD contains English Subtitles so now I am stuck again not eating due to reading subtitles. Oh well, possibly this could be a new 'crash' diet…
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    • Author: Hellmaster
    I watched this series from the very first episode and I am very happy that I haven't lost any episodes. The story, the music, the casting, everything is excellent. Whoever does not like this story and has not voted for it, has not probably watched it from the first episode, and has not understood the story. In my country, the story is still on TV,and Lety has not yet turned to beautiful. But already she has gained my heart and I will record any episode that I wont be able to watch on TV. What is special in this TV series is there is so much originality in the characters that you feel that the actors are your friends. We will all feel very lonely when the play comes to an end...
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    • Author: Tehn
    I really enjoy this show. The blend of the characters who are portrayed excellently is very enjoyable. I smile just thinking about what is going to happen next; even though it's a very funny show, there is a seriousness underneath it. The actors are very good actors; it's a wonderful show to look forward to. I have a very good friend who lives in DC; she and her mother watch it and then we call each other to laugh. I have a friend in Mexico City who I called just to share the scene with Don Fernando and Lety going outside with the andiron utensils to scope out the woman in the bushes. We both laughed; he said that the laughter was contagious. It's just a joy.
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    • Author: Gold Crown
    I recently went to stay with my mother and she got me hooked on this program. I was wondering when it all began, and how did Letty get mixed up with Fernando? How long has this program been on? And will it continue indefinitely like the soap operas here in the United States? Do you know if you can buy the movie? Is there somewhere I can go back and see the first episodes? I would love to have this to watch over again at another time. I'm not too computer literate to know how to do things like that. I love watching the other girls from the "cuartel" they are so funny. Especially when they pull one over on Alicia. She is such a drama queen! Thanks, Lou
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    • Author: Shazel
    La Fea Mas Bella was produced under the higher profile and presitgious Univision and Televisa labels; unlike the original which was produced by Colombia's RCN which is barely known outside Colombia. Mexican version had a budget that dimmed the original and the Mexican actors, which enjoy EXTREME popularity all over Latin America dwarfed the acting of the original cast. This is not meant to be mean---it is only an honest and experienced assessment. The Mexican version incorporates Angelica Valle, Angelica Maria, Jaime Camil, Jose Jose and Niurka--all of whom enjoy stardom through Latin America, the United States and Spain.
  • comment
    • Author: Maldarbaq
    I just wanted to comment and say that I normally don't like watching Telenovals but I got sucked in after only watching one episode. I really like the fact that it's different and down right funny. I TiVo it now and save my favorite episodes. I have to say that I've been truly pleasantly surprised. Also, the chemistry between Anglica Vale and Jaime Camil is HOT HOT HOT. I also think Jamie Camil is super sexy & hilarious. I love the fact that both main characters have no issues being silly.

    By the way, I love YourTube - great video clips! I picked up that bit of info from this site - so thanks!
  • comment
    • Author: Xwnaydan
    "La Fea Mas Bella" Is a charming and funny take on the 1999 hit telenovela "Yo Soy Betty La Fea". As opposed to a dramedy like "Betty" was the Mexican actors imprint their own personal flair, with great improv & a lighthearted take on a wonderful story. This is an anti-stress show striving more for comedy than drama.

    The two leads almost out-shine and differently out-sizzle the original actors with great chemistry. Jaime Camil (who plays Fernando) and Angelica Vale steal the show. Their easy chemistry and charm makes the show's central theme and love story believable.

    This telenovela is great fun, however there are times when they tend to rely on "fillers" for episodes. Shifting the focus on some of the lesser characters. While it isn't such a bad thing, it takes the pacing away from the central and most interesting storyline. They could have done more with the sets, sometimes it's hard to believe that Conceptos is such an important production house. The set design is particularly sub par in the main reception.

    However despite it's flaws this show is a gem that shines brightly in part because of it's star ensemble!
  • comment
    • Author: Wizer
    This is the telenovela mas bella! One of the most entertaining telenovelas I have seen in a while. Sure the comedic acting is over the top even for Spanish telenovelas but mixed with the funny dialogue this well developed cast of characters work great together and achieve some laugh out loud humor!!! The leads, Letty and Don Fernando have great scenes together (inlcuding some tender moments) but I gotta say I enjoy watching the Latin hunk, Jaime Camil (Don Fernando)doing comedy. Also, spare me the beautiful but pitiful female character leads depicted at the beginning of many telenovelas and give us more like Letty, smart,confident, comfortable in her own skin, and full of heart. Fooey on those who knock this show; if you wanted Shakespere what are you watching telenovelas for anyway?
  • comment
    • Author: Buge
    Until I met my boyfriend last year I didn't even know Spanish language networks existed in the States and I am 58 years old. I do not understand Spanish but the acting in this show is so great that I have been able to follow the major plot lines with little trouble. I do not understand how any reviewer can trash this show. The actors are marvelous; the chemistry between everyone is dynamic, and the body language and facial expressions are phenomenal. The tentative but blossoming relationship between Fernando and Letty is hysterically funny and poignantly beautiful simultaneously. I love, love, LOVE this show. I really regret not understanding the conversations and details of the subplots. Is there someway to get LFMB with English subtitles or captions?
  • comment
    • Author: Kegal
    I am not against remakes, but if you are going to do one, at least make it better than the original. Really bad acting (caused by bad directing, of course) and really cheap production, bad lighting, and this coming from the allegedly biggest soap opera producer in the world, really bad quality show. The worst part, not only they have made ''infomercials'' in the show (adverting products in the show) but yesterday a character openly invited the public to vote for a certain candidate in the next Mexican presidential elections. Televisa, a network has its compromise with society, not with political visions. Shame on you, Televisa, Azcárraga and the rest!
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    Angélica Vale Angélica Vale - Leticia Padilla Solís 'Lety' 299 episodes, 2006-2007
    Jaime Camil Jaime Camil - Fernando Mendiola 299 episodes, 2006-2007
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