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Miracle's Boys is about three brothers on their own going through life.

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    • Author: Thorgaginn
    I rented the DVD and I thought it was a movie. Turns out it's a mini-series. But either way I thought it was awesome. I thought the performances were very good especially the brothers. Lafayette's scenes in part one were heartfelt. The setting and the language that the characters used helped me to get into the action. I like how each of the brothers developed in character throughout the series. I also think it was directed well. I won't be surprised if this is made into a drama.

    I am surprised, however, that this was made by a Nickelodeon spin-off channel. It was put together very well.
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    • Author: playboy
    That's pretty much all this is. I found it very boring and unenlightening but they tried hard to make a message. It was a nice little miniseries and I saw every episode. At least there were people I could relate to. The characters tried hard, and I think Poochdid very well. The actor who played Lafayette was quite typical as the youngest brother. Charlie played the part of the middle brother just out of juvenile detention without much feeling and I feel they could have gone further.

    Its sort of like a documentary. If you want something full of laughs though, you will be thoroughly disappointed.

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    • Author: Zamo
    Similar to another review, I rented this not knowing it was a mini-series. But unlike him/her, I found it terrible. My wife and I set back in awe while this show went on....hitting pause every few minutes to discuss one thing or another. The writing is bad, the acting ranges from terrible to mediocre. How can you relate to this? I don't care if I have had similar situations, this show cannot draw me into it. Maybe if I was 10 this would have been more interesting. Why is this 25 year old man playing a high school teenager (the kid from Fresh back in 1994). I know plenty of young men that went to juvenile detention for longer than 1 year and didn't come out with such a chip on their shoulder. The sentences didn't seem natural...I have seen better writing in high school theater. What mail room manager takes a brief case to work everyday? There were too many small errors like this. On a positive note, some of the scenery was put together well..there was close attention to detail in their home. I also have to admit that I didn't go past the second episode.
  • Series cast summary:
    George Alvarez George Alvarez - Discipio 6 episodes, 2005
    Doctor Dré Doctor Dré - Jinxy Jam 6 episodes, 2005
    Jordan Nia Elizabeth Jordan Nia Elizabeth - Angelina 6 episodes, 2005
    Ivonnah Erskine Ivonnah Erskine 6 episodes, 2005
    Karole Foreman Karole Foreman - Viv 6 episodes, 2005
    Pooch Hall Pooch Hall - Ty'ree 6 episodes, 2005
    Alexis Iacono Alexis Iacono - Teacher 6 episodes, 2005
    Kevin Jiggetts Kevin Jiggetts - Det. Broadus 6 episodes, 2005
    Yvonna Kopacz Wright Yvonna Kopacz Wright - Wilma 6 episodes, 2005
    Julito McCullum Julito McCullum - Lafayette 6 episodes, 2005
    Sean Nelson Sean Nelson - Charlie 6 episodes, 2005
    Shvona Lavette Chung Shvona Lavette Chung - Elise 3 episodes, 2005
    Elvis Nolasco Elvis Nolasco - Abe 3 episodes, 2005
    Christine Parks Christine Parks - Ms. Wallace 3 episodes, 2005
    Tuffy Questell Tuffy Questell - Miguel 3 episodes, 2005
    Kesed Ragin Kesed Ragin - Freakshow 3 episodes, 2005
    Peter Reardon Peter Reardon - Pendleton 3 episodes, 2005
    Shortee Red Shortee Red - Darnell 3 episodes, 2005
    Omar Scroggins Omar Scroggins - Fix 3 episodes, 2005
    Brandon Thomas Brandon Thomas - Aaron 3 episodes, 2005
    Nancy Ticotin Nancy Ticotin - Miracle 3 episodes, 2005
    Sasha Toro Sasha Toro - Tamara 3 episodes, 2005
    Louie Torrellas Louie Torrellas - Smitty 3 episodes, 2005
    Tashiana Washington Tashiana Washington - Ellen 3 episodes, 2005
    Dennis L.A. White Dennis L.A. White - Virgil 3 episodes, 2005
    Tristan Mack Wilds Tristan Mack Wilds - A.J. 3 episodes, 2005
    Jade Yorker Jade Yorker - Donald 3 episodes, 2005
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