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Auction Hunters, Allen Haff and Ton Jones, travel America bidding on unclaimed storage units they think will contain the most hidden treasure - worth big cash - the better the history the higher the price.

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    • Author: Grari
    I enjoyed watching this on spike TV online and couldn't stop checking out the episodes. While someone might argue this is setup or fake, I don't really care because looking at the things that they found is fun and educate me about the objects and their history. It's really a great learning show to be honest.

    The hosts are fine people who don't use foul language, not violent and show appreciation to the *buyers* and seem genuine to me. I have to agree with another reviewer that this is one of the better shows out there these days. And I am certainly surprised that it's from Spike TV but not BBC or some home channel.

    Great show!
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    • Author: Falya
    Great show, two very down to earth and likable guys. The show follows them as they drive around in a delivery van they no doubt bought at a city auction. They go to self-storage centers. Apparently, these places have regular auctions of the contents within abandoned units. You can't touch - you can just take your flashlight and look at the contents for a minute before bidding begins. If you win, you have 24 hours to haul the stuff away. Very believable reality show. These guys always come up with hidden treasures and manage to get at least 5x what they paid for. Then, they haggle as they try to sell their goods at various establishments that deal with antiques or they place an ad online. Very entertaining. This should motivate anyone to try this themselves. Seems like a good way to make at east $500 in extra cash per month. I myself have found treasures at garage sales and flea markets that are worth 10x; even 100x more than I paid for them. I realize that this show features only the best of the best and that they don't always come up winners. Even on the show, though, there are cases where they were overlooked by the auctioneer or got stuck with a unit full of worthless junk. Check this show out - it does't involve egocentric weirdos that look like they escaped from a circus. Just a guy that looks like your average TV personality and a beefy guy with a bald, tattooed head (Okay, he does look a little circus-like.). They are both low-key and keep it real.
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    • Author: Nirn
    My kids and I really enjoy watching this show for education purposes of learning about certain things and what they are worth or might be worth. I bought a storage unit back in 2002 for 400 dollars on a silent ballet and sold the contents of the room for 14,000. I still had lots of stuff left over from the room that I didn't even get to. I've heard rumors that they say this show is fake and I could see where they might fake a bit of it or fluff some of it but I've done it before so I know not all of it is fake. My only thing about this TV show is they wholesale their items, if they just did some research and took the time to retail them they would make a lot more money. But oh well it's good fun to watch, I'd watch this over most things on TV today anyway. Makes me want to get back into buying units!!
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    • Author: Naa
    This and 'Storage Wars' are a couple guilty pleasures for me. Allen Haff and Ton Jones are partners in storage room buying. The two shows came out around the same time. I like this one marginally better. At the beginning, I liked that these guys actually try to sell their stuff instead of just getting appraisals. It's always good to see hard cash being exchanged. As both shows progress, I still like this one but not so much SW.

    When the controversy about planting pieces happened over at SW, this show tried to inoculate itself with a live show. It was a laughable mess. It didn't really prove anything. However it doesn't really matter. A little bit of faking is getting to be expected from shows like these.

    The two guys have lots of fun. They get to shoot and blow up stuff. That is always fun. There are also lots of interesting pieces whether they're fake or not. The major danger for the show is the gradual change in what the guys are doing. They travel way too much sometimes which makes no real-world sense. They started a store which is really outside their comfort zone. And they are setting up people to be their competition like Carolyn. There are obvious actors involved now. It is a show that is on the verge of going completely fake. I hope they relax on some of the writing and not inject too much melodramas.
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    Allen Lee Haff Allen Lee Haff - Himself - Host / - 114 episodes, 2010-2015
    Clinton 'Ton' Jones Clinton 'Ton' Jones - Himself / - 111 episodes, 2010-2015
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