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After the colonies crash into the Earth, the few surviving communities are preyed on by those few who retain technology. A scrappy young boy is hired to rescue a girl from one of these techno-pirates, but comes to the realization that the pirate was a good guy as he falls for the girl.

Each episode's title is also a line used in the episode.

The Duel between the Gundam X & the Febral during the 7th Space War is a mirror of the Original Series' Duel between the Gundam & the Zeong.

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    • Author: Joni_Dep
    In a franchise made famous by flashy attention grabbers like Gundam Wing and SEED, as well as the original series, Gundam X stands in the shadows of these greater successes. As with Wing and G Gundam, this show takes place in one of the alternative continuities, specifically the After War era, in which war between Earth and the Colonies has nearly wiped out the human race.

    Notably, Gundam X generally avoids the typical conflict between the Earth and the colonies and casts it in a new light when it does come up. Instead the show focuses on Vultures, roving bands of scavengers of varying moral integrity, and a young boy Garrod Ran who joins a Vulture ship. It also provides some intriguing answers concerning the question of Newtypes and where they truly come from.

    Unfortunately, the series faced premature cancellation at only 39 episodes, forcing something of a rushed ending. This has no doubt contributed to its unfortunate reputation.
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    • Author: Eigonn
    Gundam X's situation is a particularly well known one. Released during a time where new Gundam series were being released one right after the other one (even shown on the previews for next episode) causing people to eventually get a bit sick of Tomino's biggest project, this show ended being the biggest victim in this Gundam "wave".

    Contrary to other entries on the series, Gundam X gives a bigger focus on world exploration and the daily life of people living on a post-apocalyptic Earth, heavily hit by colonies dropping on it, as opposed of other Gundam entries focusing only on the war segments. This of course might turn off many fans since the "war element" has always being the main focus, however Gundam X's take on the series is still an interesting and entertaining one, showing different takes on humanity's attempt on survival as mecha scavenging and creation of cults just to keep their sanity. Seeing the main character (Garrod Ran) not being a new-type archetype is also refreshing, and while Heero Yui (the main protagonist of the previous Gundam Wing) might also fit in this category, Garrod doesn't suffer of plot armor or similar things. And this leaves to the main charm of the series: its human development. Each character feels more "real" and not exaggerated as many anime series, and almost all of them have their own backstories and dedicated scenes/episodes making the viewer care more about them, and not feeling they are disposable.

    Gundam X is a really fine show, with some nice mecha designs (see GX and Bertigo), however, its cancellation lead to a really rushed final arc which might leave some people with a sour taste in their mouths. Regardless, this is a show worth watching.
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    • Author: Frdi
    Contrary to some opinion this Gundam Series is great one of the best. Spanning 39 episodes, this Series for the time is not about Zeon vs. The Federation but rather the Federation vs. The Colonists. Interesting thing here is that good guys and the bad guys are not one and the same. Federations ship seem to steal Gundam mechs to sell for expensive profit while the colonists fight to stay alive.

    The Mech Designs are wonderful surpassing in some areas the 1995 Gundam Wing and 2000 version, almost to the level of Gundam Seed. This series is highly sought since it was never released in the us, and it's a hot download on the internet, so check it out while you can!!

    Birthday Boy gives it Two Thumbs up.
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    • Author: Kikora
    "Gundam X" is sort of mixed. On one hand, it's story is fairly original and it's animation and writing is better than Gundam Wing's. On the other hand, the show seems to miss many good opportunities, and the design sense of the series is highly deriative-the supporting mecha in the series are obvious rips of those from the "early" Universal Century timeline series, and the Gundams don't fare much better(Although they look better and more 'sleek' than Wing's blocky Gundams). Had it had a few more episodes, this series could have been something greater, but it's sort of the misfit of the Gundam shows(along with Double Zeta).
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    Isshin Chiba Isshin Chiba - City Person / - 2 episodes, 1996
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