» » La diosa salvaje (1975)

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A shipwreck strands a man on an island full of beautiful but dangerous women dressed in animal skins.

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    • Author: Eta
    an adventure film to be sure! but what an adventure! ship wrecked sob gets himself stranded on an island full of beautiful women! however these beautiful babes can also skin you alive! movie has some decent production values ,good photography, some good action scenes ,and a decent script.this film is also loaded with a fair amount of cheesy elements. if you like looking at loads of girls in animal skins,then this is the film to watch.this movie is in both spanish and english language.i have both versions and the spanish language one is still easy to follow storywise.overall an entertaining time filler.
  • Cast overview:
    Eva Miller Eva Miller - Laura / Kilma
    Ricardo Merino Ricardo Merino - Albert
    Marina Ferri Marina Ferri - Brigitte
    Luis Induni Luis Induni - Nat
    Antonio Durán Antonio Durán - Dan (as Tony Duran)
    Gaspar 'Indio' González Gaspar 'Indio' González - De Vries (as Indio Gonzalez)
    Joan Matas Joan Matas - Murdoch
    Maria Perschy Maria Perschy - Isabel
    Paul Naschy Paul Naschy - Johan
    José María Blanco José María Blanco - Presentador (as Jose Mª Blanco)
    Josep Minguell Josep Minguell - Piloto (as Jose Minguell)
    José Dacosta José Dacosta
    Carlos Tristán Carlos Tristán
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