» » The Shattered Silence (1966)

Short summary

A battle of the generations seems to be brewing in a suburban neighborhood. Some of the adults in the neighborhood don't like the fact of the elder teenagers causing a ruckus by riding their noisy motorbikes around, especially during times when they are trying to sleep. And one of the parents, Mo, breaks up a fight when he stops by his sister's house where his nephew Dave is having an unchaperoned house party. Beyond this generational battle, there are also ones brewing within each generation. The teenagers are basically a bunch of good kids - although perhaps somewhat inconsiderate - who themselves are being tormented by Ray and his gang who are solely out to make trouble. And some of the adults, such as George, believe they can invoke their own form of justice, legal or not, whereas others like adult bachelor Albert feel that George and his like are overreacting to the situation. Everyone has to try and figure out how to overcome their differences to live together in the ...

Cast overview:
Cec Linder Cec Linder - Mo
Mignon Elkins Mignon Elkins - Jean
Bernard Behrens Bernard Behrens - George Marsh
Vernon Chapman Vernon Chapman - Albert Fredrickson
Lawrence Cherniak Lawrence Cherniak - Dave (as Laurence Cherniak)
Eric Endersby Eric Endersby - Jim
Tony Brown Tony Brown - Ray (as Anthony Brown)
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