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Matt and Jana are a young and attractive couple. Matt is a dashing man who is unable to commit to one woman. Unfortunately for the stunning Jana, she has fallen madly in love with him, and is unable to stay away. Their libidinous desires lead them into a powerful yet dangerous network that is run by and for the world's wealthiest, trapping them in an insular world that seems impossible to escape from.

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    • Author: Ahieones
    "A Passion", or "The Passion Network" as it's usually called on Cinemax and Showtime, is a flick that took me a few viewings to completely soak in. The women look great, the sex scenes are suprisingly good, and the story is passable, if not spectacular.

    A young couple, Janna Marks (Stephanie Beaton, a feisty red-head) and Matt (Robert Knowlton) are invited to a strange house where everyone seems to be a bit too horny and sex-a-plenty is going on in every room. They figure, "When in Rome....." and join in on the fun. As the visits pile up and the months go by, they're invited to talk to the owner. He explains to them a complicated setup--they've been invited to be part of a secret network of "super-lovers" from around the world who provide "sexual entertainment" for high-paying customers, via participation or on a extremely secure television network. The video is captured via secret cameras placed throughout the house. "Not even the Pentagon uses the kind of encryption we use," says the guy. Funny stuff there. For their services, they'll be paid $500,000 a year for the next five years. Of course, Matt thinks this is the greatest deal in the world; after all, what guy would turn down the chance to have sex with the hottest babes you can find, with no strings attached? Janna has second thoughts, but doesn't matter to Matt--he wants in.

    The story is told mostly in flashback form, with Janna spilling the beans to two eager cops willing to hear the entire story.

    Between the passable attempt at storytelling and the passable attempt at an ending, there's a neverending cycle of every sex scene imaginable--two girls, three girls, two girls and a guy, etc. The list goes on and on. The girls are good-looking, and make the sex scenes seem almost-porno quality with the grunting and moaning going on.

    While the story wasn't great by any means, most softcore flicks are like this anyway; there's a reason 80% of the grade comes from the purely visual aspects of the movie, folks. The flick delivered on both "Women" and "Sex", so the grade stays fairly high. I'd consider this tapeworthy for the sex scenes, but I wouldn't tape the rest.

    Women: A- (Stephanie Beaton is one nice-looking redhead. The rest of the women were anywhere from B- to an A. It's a good thing there were more "A" women than "B" women, though.)

    Sex: A- (Plenty of sex scenes, with a great deal of groaning, moaning and the occasional scream from the ladies. Most of them were quite graphic. Not exactly "Desire and Deception", "Girl for Girl", or "Carnal Passion", but it'll do.)

    Story: C+ (This is why the grade comes down a notch, folks. I found the story to be a bit far-fetched. Yes, I know it's a skin flick and they're not supposed to be well-written scripts, but let's have some believablility here. If I was grading on story and acting alone, every one of the movies I've reviewed would get either a D or an F. It's not really about the story and I know that, but a secret network not even the government can break into? Come on, now...that's stretching it a bit, isn't it? Some of the dialogue just doesn't make any sense, either.)

    Overall: B (Since the story is only 20% of the grade, the overall score drops about one grade level. I thought this was a good movie for the things usually associated with softcore flicks--beautiful women and graphic sex scenes. If the sex scenes were on par with the movies I mentioned, I probably would have given this movie an A.)
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    • Author: Debeme
    The sex scenes aren't the greatest, but I have a weakness for movies of this type: a wonderfully, needlessly complicated plot about rich degenerates who pay huge sums of money to attractive young people to have sex with one another, and with them. Stephanie Beaton is a gorgeous redhead who's apparently used self-tanner to get her skin the same shade of red as her hair, so that in her several nude scenes, she looks like a coppery pool of lusty womanhood, especially the writhing scene at the very beginning of the film. There are a few nice twists and turns at the end. It's not Body Heat or anything, but it's pretty damn good for a Skinamax soft core flick.
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    • Author: Mr.Savik
    This movie is on cable TV almost every month and it's a lot of fun. The plot about a secret society catering to rich people's sexual fantasies is kind of silly but the sex scenes are hot. I especially like Stephanie Beaton. She is not the usual

    silicon enhanced blonde that tends to appear in this kind of film. She is a nice looking redhead, almost a bit plump. But she has amazing sexual energy and

    her threesome with Hershel Savage and another male porno star is kind of hot. Former Playmate and Star Search model winner Devin DeVazquez is also here

    and her threesome scene is very sexy. So grab a beer, lay back and enjoy a

    very sexy softcore movie.
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    • Author: Marg
    This movie is really, really bad. Even if it has some cheap nudity, it is a perfect example of what a movie should not be. The acting............bad The sex scenes........bad Direction.............bad Photography...........Terrible.

    Please, don't watch this movie, even if your life is in danger; please, please, don't waste your time
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Stephanie Beaton Stephanie Beaton - Janna
    Robert A. Knowlton Robert A. Knowlton - Matt (as Robert Knowlton)
    Carl Irwin Carl Irwin - Det. Nunzio
    Kurt Paul Kurt Paul - Det. Garvin
    Tracy Turner Tracy Turner - Morgana
    Herschel Savage Herschel Savage - Chuck (as Harvey Cowen)
    Jane Smith Jane Smith - Georgia
    Bogdan Banu Bogdan Banu - Fredo
    Nicholas Colachis Nicholas Colachis - Lt. Harris
    Arthur Roberts Arthur Roberts - Mr. Wheatley
    Matt Stella Matt Stella - Burglar #1
    Benno Ashrafi Benno Ashrafi - Burglar #2 (as Beno Ashrafi)
    Michelle Hixon Michelle Hixon - Waitress (as Anne Hixon)
    Maggie Louie Maggie Louie - Maggie Louie
    Kevin Small Kevin Small - Bartender
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