» » Sea Warriors: The Royal Navy in the Age of Sail (2004)

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    • Author: Darkshaper
    This documentary is marketed as a video supplement to nautical fiction like the Hornblower series and its many successors (Bolitho, Drinkwater, Aubrey and Maturin, etc.). It certainly is that, and also a worthwhile supplement for nautical films like MASTER AND COMMANDER, DAMN THE DEFIANT, BILLY BUDD, and the HORNBLOWER movies. The documentary looks at many aspects of naval warfare in the age of sail, including the ships and weapons, tactics, and life aboard a sailing warship. With Captain Richard Woodman as narrator/host and also contributing to the writing, the viewer is assured of both historical accuracy and a lively presentation. This is solid history but it is not boring in the least. I highly recommend it to any fan of either written or filmed naval fiction.
  • Credited cast:
    Fawaz Ibrahim Fawaz Ibrahim - Mongulia
    Richard Woodman Richard Woodman - Host
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