» » Tatort Blutdiamanten (1970– )

Short summary

Max and Freddy are assigned the homicide case of a protester who was killed while protesting a powerful merchant who'd enriched himself selling blood diamonds. The protester had recently been to the Congo where he'd documented the merchant's trafficking. Their case takes them to Antwerp ("the Diamond City") with fatal results.

Episode cast overview:
Klaus J. Behrendt Klaus J. Behrendt - Max Ballauf
Dietmar Bär Dietmar Bär - Freddy Schenk
Tessa Mittelstaedt Tessa Mittelstaedt - Franziska Lüttgenjohann
Christian Tasche Christian Tasche - Oberstaatsanwalt von Prinz
Joe Bausch Joe Bausch - Dr. Joseph Roth
Andrea Croonenberghs Andrea Croonenberghs - Julia Ruiter
Isabella Parkinson Isabella Parkinson - Celine Baya
Florian Panzner Florian Panzner - Heiner Matzek
Andreas Windhuis Andreas Windhuis - Karl de Mestre
Sonja Baum Sonja Baum - Irene Dobers
Charly Hübner Charly Hübner - Dr. Adrian Baring
Vic de Wachter Vic de Wachter - Jan Siemers
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