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    • Author: Dyni
    This movie seems to tell apparently a real story – despite the fact that it has not even been shot at the original scene, though. Probably because its makers could not land with their idiotic ideas or super-shallow script at Dubai – the cultural authorities there denied all access, and they were right. Because the whole thing is so stupid that one would switch off actually – if there weren't at least these nice graphics of landscapes, nature and alike (of Morocco, not of Dubai though – because in the real Dubai-heat nobody would walk or drive or whatever around like the morons depicted in this movie). And anybody, who has ever spent some time at Dubai, will agree: this film has got nothing to do with Dubai, neither with the culture nor with the scenery there – it is simply ridiculous and pathetically sentimental. Of course, people who love tearjerker-romances will truly enjoy this movie. But anyone who's looking for the real Arabian culture will turn it off, because there's nothing of it in this screener. Instead there are so many dumb western clichés that Dubai seems probably a part of Germany (the country of the producers of this senseless waste of time) – not in real life, but rather as if the picture of this city displayed in the movie stems from one of these as brainless as cheap novelettes of Rosamunde Pilcher. This also means, that the "love mania" displayed in this movie is not even real or realistically portrayed. Therefore: thanks for not watching – for your own good.
  • Credited cast:
    Alexandra Neldel Alexandra Neldel - Verena
    Mido Hamada Mido Hamada - Khalid
    Deniz Cooper Deniz Cooper - Hassan
    Andreas Lust Andreas Lust - Paul
    Maya Henselek Maya Henselek - Faizah
    Sandra Cervik Sandra Cervik - Muaba
    Imane El Mechrafi Imane El Mechrafi - Young woman
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Amira El Sayed Amira El Sayed - Daima
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