» » Blandings Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey (2013–2014)

Short summary

Vindictive magistrate Sir Gregory Parsloe jails drunken "pigman" Cyril Wellbeloved for a week, knowing that Cyril is the only person who can prepare the Empress of Blandings, prize sow of eccentric Clarence, Lord Emsworth, in time for the Shropshire Show. And, if the Empress is not in top form, Parsloe will win with his pig Her Majesty. Clarence's feckless son Freddie has money at long odds riding on the Empress's victory and is anxious to help whilst Parsloe's odious son Heacham is pursuing Clarence's niece Angela, who is really in love with penniless Jimmy Belford. Jimmy is jailed thanks to Clarence's domineering sister Connie, but fortunately Freddie has a plan which will win the Empress the title and Jimmy the hand of Angela.

Episode cast overview:
Timothy Spall Timothy Spall - Lord Clarence Emsworth
Jennifer Saunders Jennifer Saunders - Connie, Lady Keeble
Mark Williams Mark Williams - Sebastian Beach
Jack Farthing Jack Farthing - Freddie Threepwood
Tony Maudsley Tony Maudsley - Cyril Wellbeloved
B.J. Hogg B.J. Hogg - Constable Evans
Robert Bathurst Robert Bathurst - Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe
Alice Orr-Ewing Alice Orr-Ewing - Angela
Brendan Patricks Brendan Patricks - Lord Heacham
James Norton James Norton - Jimmy Belford
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