» » DNA: The Brazil Sessions (2010)

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A compilation of street football from the back alleys of Rio de Janeiro set to a blazing mix of Brazilian funk beats by Mogogi. Every country has its own unique football style and culture. In Brazil, they say you are born with the beautiful game inside of you. It is a passion that has no explanation. Samba. Carnival. Capoeira. Love. And football. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the street. From the beaches of Ipanema to deep inside the favelas, football is everywhere - all the time. And it is not just played but lived in this vast country alive with passion. Now you can see the moves, hear the music, feel the rhythm of Brazilian street football, and live the life beyond the game. The games are rough and the rules are loose but the showboat style in which they play is every bit as compelling as watching the professionals. DNA: The Brazil Sessions is for anyone who has ever wondered, "Why do Brazilians play like that? How can they play like that? I wish I could play like that. How...

Credited cast:
Edu Carvalho Edu Carvalho - Soccer Player (as Cesar Carvalho)
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