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SWAMP HUNTERS follows the Taylor clan, a group of burly, loud and proud rednecks, who hunt for relics in the swamps around their home in Southern Mississippi. Their swampy hunting grounds are loaded with valuable finds from the days of the pirates, the civil war, and voodoo ceremonies, and each episode finds the Taylors braving snakes, boars, gators and rival relic hunters in the quest for historic finds that could land them big money.

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    • Author: Kupidon
    Swamp Hunters is such a great show and is highly underrated. It is a shame that only one season appears to have been produced? I feel this show had every bit of what it takes to get to that'next level' with the viewer ship.

    The main cast consisting of Dustin Taylor, his "dumb as a country fox" father D'Roy Taylor who is the mastermind for finding locations to dig for treasure, along with brother Big Al Taylor and the shrewd expert Mr. Avon are EVERY SINGLE BIT as interesting, funny and fun to watch as the folks from Pawn Stars...better in my opinion. I can only think that this show was not promoted and pushed out to John & Jane Q. Public as it should have been...? Otherwise it would be a huge hit..there is no doubt.

    I have watched the Taylor brothers before on Storage Hunters and while this shown portrayed them as the 'bad guys' from down south, at times complete with a mysterious financial backer from the home state, as a viewer you cannot help but realize that the supposed 'bad guys' were actually very likable on the show. Indeed, it isn't very long before you realize from watching Dustin and his brother that they were extremely shrewd while analyzing each storage container for valuables and you end up rooting for the 'so called' bad guys before too long. You don't have to be a Hollywood genius to realize that Dustin has some star power.

    Fast forward to Swamp Hunters. The Taylor clan are now on their home turf, searching for Civil War, Pirate and gangster (amongst many other) artifacts in the swamp. The antics of the extended Dustin clan are extremely hilarious and the viewer also has a chance to learn some history along the way.

    This show should be picked back up and promoted. This one is an absolute gem and why it was canceled is beyond me?


  • Series cast summary:
    James Lesley Taylor James Lesley Taylor - Himself 6 episodes, 2013
    Steve Jones Steve Jones - Narrator 6 episodes, 2013
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