» » Satan Stole Our Hot Dogs! (2018)

Short summary

After Satan has stolen all of the worlds hot dogs, two agents has to go down in Hell and kill Satan.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Kaisla Puura Kaisla Puura - Satan / The Boss
Emma Chaibedra Emma Chaibedra - Kerstin
Marton Jelinko Marton Jelinko - Ruben
Paavo Ihalainen Paavo Ihalainen - Ruben / The Boss (voice)
Selina Bautigartel Selina Bautigartel - Kerstin (voice)
Aino Havu Aino Havu - Satan (voice)
Hannaleena Hauru Hannaleena Hauru - Hot Dog Loser #1
Jarno Mahlberg Jarno Mahlberg - Hot Dog Loser #2
Stojan Djordjevic Stojan Djordjevic - Hot Dog Loser
Ville Lähde Ville Lähde - Hot Dog Loser Rantala
Ari Savonen Ari Savonen - Hot Dog Loser
April Jones April Jones - Hot Dog Loser at Derby
Colette Peterson Colette Peterson - Hot Dog Loser at Derby
Rider Peterson Rider Peterson - Hot Dog Loser at Derby
Sally Roepke Sally Roepke - Hot Dog Loser at Derby
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