» » Real Time with Bill Maher Episode #16.23 (2003– )

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Bill interviews Lawrence O'Donnell and Steven Pinker. Roundtable guests include D.L. Hughley, Christina Bellantoni and Seth Moulton.

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    • Author: digytal soul
    A good show here tonight. DL Hughley did start doing his act a bit much, but it is always wise to have a real comedian on from time to time as opposed to a journalist just dropping f bombs to try to get laughs.

    The Q bit at the end was good, which is kind of surprising as the comedy bits usually fall flat on this show.

    Hearing from Steven Pinkner was a good move too. Finally, some positive news!
  • Episode credited cast:
    Christina Bellantoni Christina Bellantoni - Herself - Panelist
    D.L. Hughley D.L. Hughley - Himself - Panelist
    Bill Maher Bill Maher - Himself - Host
    Seth Moulton Seth Moulton - Himself - Panelist (as Rep. Seth Moulton)
    Lawrence O'Donnell Lawrence O'Donnell - Himself - Guest
    Steven Pinker Steven Pinker - Himself - Guest
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