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    • Author: Purestone
    If Ozores were ever to produce his definitive cult-classic, this would be, without any doubt, the film to pick. This film, rarely seen, and only available at midnight tv screenings was one of the weirdest one-offs of Ozores filmography.

    Ozores has always wanted to make highly commercial low-budget films by following the current market trends. Thus when "They Called him Trinity" and "The Godfather" were blockbusters at their time, Ozores made "They called her The Godmother" with Lina Morgan. With "Veredicto Impacable" Ozores tried the impossible: a karate movie! Without shame, he picked the karate instructor that gave private classes at his building and a cast of "poor neighbors" who want to protect themselves from deliquency commanded by the great Jesus Puente. The result looks like if you have forced David Fincher to shoot Ordet or Jackie Chan playing Jackie Kennedy.

    This film, simply, does not belong to this world. Do not miss the opportunity to watch it. The word "cult" will have a whole new meaning.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    José Manuel Egea José Manuel Egea - José Manuel
    Tino Martín Tino Martín - Andrés (as Tino Martín Villa)
    José Manuel Galán José Manuel Galán - Galán
    Francisco Egea Francisco Egea - Paco
    Pedro Bea Pedro Bea - Antonio
    Marisol Tobelem Marisol Tobelem - Sara
    Licia Calderón Licia Calderón - Mercedes
    Manuel Zarzo Manuel Zarzo - Pedro
    Valentín Paredes Valentín Paredes - Secuestrador 1
    Tony Fuentes Tony Fuentes - El Pata
    Arturo Querejeta Arturo Querejeta - Secuestrador 2
    Ignacio Chávez Ignacio Chávez
    Manuel Salgueró Manuel Salgueró - Cirujano (as Manuel Salguero)
    Francisco Grijalvo Francisco Grijalvo - Médico
    Antonio Chamorro Antonio Chamorro - Policía
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