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Four American babes on vacation in the Middle East run into trouble when they are imprisoned by corrupt army officials.

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    • Author: Jozrone
    Pay television has the best late night films an insomniac could want. Prison Heat has all the elements of the other _ _ _ _ _ heat films; you have a little T and A, a shower scene, an imposing lesbian who rules the cell block, a trip to solitary confinement, a male/female warden who desires one or all of the new chicks, and a rape scene, usually by one of the aforementioned parties.

    This one was surprisingly amusing. The acting was ... dare I say it, decent, on some level. If you've seen one of these babes behind bars movies, however, you've seen them all, and the only true change in store is a different set of bodies.

    I found a little of their situations a bit too unbelievable, especially some of the things Colleen had learned at her vet, had seen at get the idea. This one actually tried to stick with the story line more than others. I said story line, not plot, the movie isn't that deep. The T and A was minimal, and I didn't really miss it. As far as this genre goes, this is one of the better movies, but it's no Citizen Kane and still not as enjoyable as Reform School Girls. 5 out of 10
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    • Author: Ariseym
    If you loved the classic "Caged Heat", you'll like this one. The plot is silly. The acting is lame. The believability factor is almost zero. But it does have some beautiful women wearing next to nothing (during the few moments when they're not wearing absolutely nothing), not to mention the obligatory lesbian scenes. The killing is at a minimum (How many sleeping pills did they find, anyway? It must've been a full case.) and the T&A is at a maximum. If you like movies that make social and political commentary, skip this one, but if you just want to waste 91 minutes looking at beautiful female bodies, this is the movie for you!
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    • Author: DarK-LiGht
    With a climax escape scene rivaling the frightfully awful belly laughs of Plan 9 From Outer Space, Prison Heat boasts a bevy of bimbos behind bars enduring a host of midnight male abuse from the usual suspects.

    If one isn't careful to pay close attention to what would seem was just another excuse to drop drawers in the wee B-hours, one could miss the genius behind this stupendous assault on cinema.

    Clad in mini-skirts and body stockings for their stretch in a Turkish cooler, a quartet of framed females sidestep lesbian lovers and Curly Joe prison guards with an arsenal of lame escape tactics that would put the Lucy Show to shame in the just-crazy-enough-to-work department.

    The four foxy heroes play it painfully straight in contrast to their cartoonish stereotype-on-steroids foes.

    (As Prison Heat can be enjoyed many times over for connoisseurs of bad film, those who have yet to see the film might not want to read the following as some key elements are revealed.)

    The whimsical writing flip flops the characters from 'fraidy cats to vicious vixens without missing a beat of nutcase rhythm. At first, the girls seem skittish to actually hurt anybody. Rather than shooting anyone with their purloined pistol, they dump sleeping pills down the gurgling gullets of guards and others in their way.

    But the kid gloves come way off when they whittle down the sadistic warden by conking his cranium with everything from crash cymbals to the kitchen sink -- before castrating him with a penknife (!) and making a run for an unattended rental car.

    And what prison escape epic would be complete without breaking into a melancholy sing along of `Oh Susannah?'

    The quirky, weird-o-rama dynamics of Prison Heat are guaranteed fun for lovers of scatterbrained B-hits.
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    • Author: Nkeiy
    I have to admit that this is what I would call a guilty pleasure. The acting is poor, the plot predictable and the story leaves little to the imagination. However, if you like women's prison flicks then check this out. Basically 4 American babes get framed for drug possession and thrown in to a Turkish prison. Here they meet up with cruel lesbians and a sadistic warden. Lori Jo Hendrix plays the "innocent" of the four. She is repeatedly raped by the creepy warden and shows plenty of skin. Rebecca Chambers has a good lesbo shower scene and of course they are all eager to show skin at one time or another. The ending is not hard to figure out but Lori Jo Hendrix makes this show worth watching just to check out her hot bod. The one scene where she gets raped doggy style by the warden on his desk is fairly memorable.
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    • Author: Cobandis
    (small spoilers about the characters and the troubles they get into. Fussy people should see the flick first.) If you are a politically correct person who would be upset by scenes of naked women or stereotypically nasty portrayals of followers of Mohammed doing nasty things to above mentioned women, please skip this movie. But if you like WIP movies, this movie has all the requisite elements of such movies combined with great greaser villains and nice Turkish background music, plus an awesome lesbo queen bee. Playboy model Lori Jo Hendrix is cast as the big tit bimbo who "protects" herself by wearing a babydoll nightgown, and Rebecca Chambers is cast as the brunette brain (following the Charlie's Angels Theory of Hair Color and Intelligence) who plots the escape, and fights with the evil queen bee in the shower.

    Today WIP pictures seem to require a serious social drama plot to make them PC; they don't make 'em like this any more, and I wish they did!
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    • Author: Ucantia
    Sure it's not a great drama,but is this the reason you wanted to see it? Four young females (College Coeds) are on a vacation close to the border of Turkey when they are falsely arrested by guards and the next thing the girls know is that they are undressing before an oily prison director and his guards. Lori Jo Hendrix; blond and bosomy is the main reason for the strip search and we see Lori in a number of scenes where she is in her Birthday suit or partially clad: the shower scenes, the one where the lesbian gang leader has her way with Lori and a few more where the prison director rapes Lori. The scenes that were not very believable are mainly where Lori submits to the female gang leader who uses just one hand to hold her down.

    The film is most effective in showing Lori Jo reacting to the sexual advances of the prison director in the early strip search as her clothing is removed and her ample breasts and firm bottom are revealed and later on as she submits to his control of her body as she tries to protect her friends.
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    • Author: MEGA FREEDY
    This is a standard prison chick flick that after I saw it, I had to rush to Ebay to pick it Yeah, I wouldn't spend alot of money on this one in getting an uncut version cuz it's really not that good. Lori Jo Hendrix posed some for Playboy and she's got one helluva body on her. She makes the flick by herself. Her character gets singled out by the prison warden and the cell block tough lesbian because she is such looker. She gets raped and ravaged by both and you the viewer get to see all the goods. Lori has them and you won't be disappointed by her. Oh, were there really other chicks in this movie? None of the others really did anything for me and other than Lori's nude and sex scenes, this movie sucked!
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    • Author: Arcanescar
    Plenty of T & A, shower scenes, and full breasts straining against flimsy cotton blouses in this beyond-belief exploitation film. Four gorgeous American babes are wrongly jailed in a Turkish prison, where they face the expected sexual threats from cruel jailers, lesbo-inmates, and the inevitable warden-rapist. Perhaps the best reason to see this film is for the wardrobe: all four of the curvaceous cuties wiggle around the prison in Daisy Mae Dogpatch-style butt-twitcher cutoffs and oh-so-tight, braless tops.

    If you really have 90 minutes with nothing else to do, you might watch this Israeli curiosity; be warned, however, that the reason for its existence will mystify you.
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    • Author: Ice_One_Guys
    Yes, it's true. This movie is quite possibly one of the biggest wastes of film in existence. However, hit that mute button, pop in the tape, and get close to that special someone (well, this won't work too good if you happen to be gay, sorry Mikey!) and you've got yourself a night of passion. Trust me. It works. And for this perk, I will give it a 2.
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    • Author: Dalallador
    Well, it may be fun to see this soft-porn for you, but politically speaking, this movie is the perfect example of hatred against Turkey where the story took place. This is not how it works in this country. Also, the picture of Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was "defaced" and played on to make him look like a monster. And, you should note that the girls are very well treated in Greece, and very bad treated in Turkey. I wonder where the producers of this film are!
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    • Author: Arlelond
    This movie has made an indelible mark on my memory - probably from the pouch on the warden's desk supposedly made from part of an inmate. Eeew.

    With items like that, the titillation (absolutely no pun intended) is moderated by some really creepy moments and pathos.

    On the upside, the protagonists are cute, with a little something for all male tastes; there's a tough one, a seriously pneumatic one, etc.

    There are moments though- I still laugh when I remember one line from the scary warden, threatening the girls with a "painful, unremitting death."

    Isn't all death unremitting?
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    • Author: Thohelm
    The first time I saw Prison Heat, it was on Cinemax back in 1997. It originally came out in 1993 along with "Chained Heat" and "Chained Heat 2" (there must have been some sort of fetish about women in prison?).

    Anyway, "Prison Heat" is about some young women travelling across foreign boarders near turkey who are framed for drug possession and put in one of these foreign prisons. Unknown to them is the fact that the prisons are flesh traders and selling hot young women into sex slavery/harems/etc.

    The story follows Rebecca Chambers and Lori Joe Hendrix's characters closest. Rebecca is the tough, more mature woman while poor little Lori Joe with her massive breasts, small waste and girlish - innocence becomes the target of the Prison Warden Saladin. Saladin starts by giving her the eye and then proceeds to molest her (in one of the most erotic sexual assault scenes I've seen on film).

    This type of film must fall into some sort of rape fetish category because in addition to Saladin, little Lori Joe is targeted by prison lesbians too.

    Once the girls figure out that they are about to be trafficked, they must hatch an elaborate plot to escape the prison.

    The story isn't bad actually and the film is watchable. If you like this type of film, its an *instant classic* but many of you, understandably will not be interested or sexually aroused by a rape fetish flick.
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    • Author: Light out of Fildon
    I wanted to see this film as late night entertainment, and I was shocked to see that this film not only exploited women in the prison system but also egregiously promoted the negative stereotyping of Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures so pervasive in Western popular media. The story is set in Turkey and involves a group of young female tourists who are falsely imprisoned on drug trafficking charges without receiving a trial and are maliciously raped and sodomized by sadistic prison guards. The hidden message I interpreted from this movie is that Turkey, the Arab world, and Islam are all lumped together as an evil boiling pot attempting to make stew out of innocent Westerners.(p)

    In an apparent insult to both Islam and the Arab world, the prison warden is continuously shown drinking vodka with an Arab businessman who specializes in trafficking women to sheiks to satisfy their carnal desires. To an uneducated mind, this movie just builds to the popular misconception that anything from the Middle East is evil and repugnant and should be scorned. One of sad ironies to this movie is that Turkey is one of the few countries in the world to have elected a female to lead its people right at the time this sexploitation film was produced. The Islamic world has democratically elected two other women heads of state as well, something we have yet to see in the USA. Another irony is that Turks and Arabs are two different peoples with unrelated languages and cultures, yet the guards are shown throughout the movie conversing in Arabic.(p)

    I hope film producers show a more understanding approach when dealing with sensitive issues such as cultural differences. While entertainment is the primary concern for moviegoers, responsibilty and accountability should be factors seriously considered when filmmakers wish to entertain audiences with movies like PRISON HEAT.
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    • Author: Walianirv
    DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE!!!!!! please! i'm begging you!! the storyline , the characters, the acting, the music, the props, the sets, EVERYTHING was horrible! sure, there was nudity, but it wasnt that good. it was when a woman was getting violated by the prison guard. call me crazy, but i dont find sex scenes like that erotic in the remotest way. if you wanna see a movie with lotsa nudity, see "showgirls"or something. sure, in that movie, the story and characters were horrible, but at least the women women getting NEKKID in showgirls were actualy good looking. dont waste your time with this piece of s***. please
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    • Author: POFOD
    This movie is just a greek lie. The Turkish people talk Arabic, which is similar to greeks talking Turkish as native. Whatever, the movie is just a trash, no quality in anything. The prison conditions do not reflect any kind of reality about Turkey. But, it can only reflect the conditions in a country where ordinary English people taking photographs of planes are blamed for being Turkish agents and put in a jail(hint: establishers of european civilization). One final comment, this can happen in Arabic countries, no doubt, but the people in Turkey is no different than the ones in Greece, the only different is that Turkey cannot exploit the money of other improved European countries as Greece does, to improve its economic conditions. We also know that most of the guilty people prefer the jails in Turkey to that in France, Germany or Greece because of the more than enough freedom in the jails in Turkey. This last sentence is enough to prove the lie in the film. I suggest(!) this movie for the ones who has an insane or killer instincts. Live the "hell fun" with this move!
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Rebecca Chambers Rebecca Chambers - Colleen
    Lori Jo Hendrix Lori Jo Hendrix - Bonnie
    Kena Land Kena Land - Audrey
    Toni Naples Toni Naples - Hellena
    Gilya Stern Gilya Stern - Michelle
    Uri Gavriel Uri Gavriel - Saladin
    Michal Yannai Michal Yannai - Marcie (as Michal Yanai)
    Diana Olearchik Diana Olearchik - Sally
    Ahuva Keren Ahuva Keren - Pakize (as Ahouva Keren)
    Katia Zinbris Katia Zinbris - Faida
    Ilana Reff Ilana Reff - Hellena's Friend
    Inbel Iskovich Inbel Iskovich - Hellena's Friend
    Shmil Ben Ari Shmil Ben Ari - Captain (as Shmil Ben-Ari)
    Avi Cohen Avi Cohen - Border Guard
    Ofer Shikartsi Ofer Shikartsi - Border Guard
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