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Short summary

It's the "Taming of the Sheik" when Ponch and Jon are put on patrol with a pompous and spoiled young oil sheik studying police science in America.

In his "that's Shah business" joke, Ponch refers to Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran (1919-80), who ruled Iran from 1941 until his ouster in the January 1979 Revolution, which took place only two months after this episode aired. The Shah's monarchical government was abolished and Iran then became an Islamic Republic ruled by Ayatollah Khomeini (1902-89).

The red sports car that Ponch and John chase is a Dino 246. Although built and sold by Ferrari, it was never given the Ferrari name, as it had a V-6 engine, and only cars with V-12 engines could be called a Ferrari. (This policy would change soon after that when they introduced the 308 model.) Also, a sky blue Maserati Merak can also be seen on the highway during the chase scene.

When The Sheik is with Ponch and Jon at the traffic accident, the Cadillac ambulance reads F&B. This is an ambulance from the movie "Mother, Jugs and Speed."

This episode John Baker shows off that he can speak French.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Larry Wilcox Larry Wilcox - Officer Jon Baker
Erik Estrada Erik Estrada - Officer Frank Poncherello
Robert Pine Robert Pine - Sgt. Joseph Getraer
Kario Salem Kario Salem - Barney
Marianne Marks Marianne Marks - Fay
Joey Aresco Joey Aresco - Husband
Brianne Leary Brianne Leary - Officer Sindy Cahill
Brodie Greer Brodie Greer - Officer Barry Baricza
William Bronder William Bronder - Workman
Jill Jaress Jill Jaress - Pregnant Woman
Maggie Malooly Maggie Malooly - Irate Wife
Christopher Beaumont Christopher Beaumont - Ambulance Attendant (as Chris Beaumont)
Colette Bertrand Colette Bertrand - Michelle
Dorit Renier Dorit Renier - Girlfriend
Tony Lucatorto Tony Lucatorto - Driver
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