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Short summary

"Wigger" is a spellbinding urban drama, which chronicles the life of a young, White, male (Brandon) who totally emulates and immerses himself in African American life and culture. Brandon is an aspiring R&B singer struggling to overcome the confines of a White racist, impoverished family headed by a neo-Nazi father who is absolutely appalled by his son's total identification with Black culture. Additionally, he is oft times reminded of his position of privilege by virtue of being White in a White, racist society despite his adamant efforts to transcend "Whiteness", institutionalized racism, and find a place for himself in a world in which he rejects Whiteness but is not always fully embraced by African American culture. Ultimately, this is the story of a young White, inner-city, male caught up in an emotional, psychological, experiential, and racial "Catch 22" determined to be granted acceptance in the life and culture with which he chooses to identify.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Anna Maria Horsford Anna Maria Horsford - Ruth
Meshach Taylor Meshach Taylor - Charles Pruitt
David Oakes David Oakes - Brandon
Eric Harvey Eric Harvey - Antoine
Eric B. Harvey Eric B. Harvey - Antoine
Zaina Juliette Zaina Juliette - Lavita (as Zaina Juliette Ark'Keenya)
Kimberly Erinkitola Kimberly Erinkitola - Shondra (as Kim Patrick)
Sarah Dash Sarah Dash - Singer
Pam Paulson Pam Paulson - Rebecca
Braxton Davis Braxton Davis - Chuck
Brian Brian "B Daht" McLaughlin - O-Dog
Tim Jennings Tim Jennings - Rev. Goodman
Justin Ruff Justin Ruff - Jamaal
Elan Garfias Elan Garfias - Michael
Dayton Rogers Dayton Rogers - Marcus
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