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Andy's client, Guy Halverson, dies during a round of golf. Though natural causes is the apparent reason, Halverson's wife is convinced he was murdered. Andy's investiagtion leads to the discovery that Halverson had multiple lovers: could one of them be his killer?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv) writer Jane Espenson co-wrote this episode. The company owned by Guy Halverson is named Doublemeat Enterprise. In BtVS, Buffy worked at Doublemeat Palace in season 6.

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    A heavyset client of Andy's dies on the golf course that both were playing on. He was carrying a large sub sandwich when it happened. His ex-wife comes to Barker's office and claims he was murdered by supposedly any number of his mistresses. Andy can't believe that his late client had any sex appeal and whenever he thinks of him always asks, "Really?" Nicole, who Barker had stolen files from previously, is now Andy's secretary though he has no memory of hiring her. Video store clerk from below Simon is attracted to her and flirts with her shamelessly: "You could be Hootie to my Blowfish." I'll just stop there and mention how much funnier this was than last week's pilot. Tighter characterization and plot helps. There's also more interaction between supporting characters. Hopefully, NBC keeps this show on for awhile.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Andy Richter Andy Richter - Andy Barker
    Clea Lewis Clea Lewis - Jenny Barker
    Harve Presnell Harve Presnell - Lew Staziak
    Tony Hale Tony Hale - Simon
    Marshall Manesh Marshall Manesh - Wally
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Bret Anthony Bret Anthony - Clerk
    Margaret Easley Margaret Easley - Wendy Halverson
    Andy Fischer-Price Andy Fischer-Price - Brian
    Chris Grundy Chris Grundy - Detective
    Nicole Randall Johnson Nicole Randall Johnson - Nicole
    Karen Kim Karen Kim - June Park
    Renzo Lewis Renzo Lewis - Boxer (as Renzo Lewis Jr.)
    Atticus Todd Atticus Todd - Groundskeeper
    Peter Allen Vogt Peter Allen Vogt - Guy Helverson
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