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A drama about several women who work in a "tabang" bar in Kangwon province, where sometimes customers exchange a "ticket" for something extra.

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    • Author: Grokinos
    I saw last night this beautiful Korean film eighties. It's been months since I see no one and I chose to see "Ticket" as enticed by the synopsis. I consider this film a truly remarkable and a valuable and interesting storyline. showing the emotional and economic depths of four women (though in a sense we can say five women) who are forced to adjust to a Korea of ​​the past decade, as a waiter "very special" in a "Ticket Bar" that Korean coffee were among the many things that were offered extra services including primarily (after negotiating) sexual performance by these girls, who come from every part of the country (especially from the poorest parts), in order to easily raise the money. According to what I read in the web, the film for the treated subject, has been the subject is objection, so that the original film, especially in the final had to appear different. The strong elements are not lacking (nudity, aggression, sexism etc ...), but still nowhere near the explicit content and touching. Nowadays films so in South Korea are honey candies. but at the time to try their hand at films of the genre, it was not easy. I feel I promote this brave attempt to Kwon-taek Im drawing a valid film and effect, even if at the same time very underestimate. At the time he moved mostly criticism instead of the public and the powerful message that was to bestow, alas, has gone unfairly unnoticed. Maybe "Ticket" was made a few years later in which the censorship would be much less demanding and with the advantage of having more freedom of expression. For obvious reasons the film would have earned and could be released in the original version with no cuts or limitations.
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    • Author: Use_Death
    Provides a good picture of the social structures of the Korean society in the mid eighties. "Double moral" is displayed openly. Good dialogues to show the inter-human relationships. Discrepancy between Korean tradition and modern times.
  • Cast overview:
    Ji-mee Kim Ji-mee Kim - Sei-young
    So-yeong Ahn So-yeong Ahn
    Hie Myeong Hie Myeong
    Hye-yeong Lee Hye-yeong Lee
    Se-yeong Jeon Se-yeong Jeon
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