» » Stringer (2013)

Short summary

Stringer is an immersive journalism first person video game that places you in the middle of an Afghanistan battlefield armed with only a video camera and a first aid kit. The player uses a virtual camera to film events as they unfold in the game. The first aid kit in the game teaches the player how to stop severe bleeding using a tourniquet, ETD, and a gauze. This serious game is intended to be used to teach freelance journalists lifesaving techniques to treat themselves and their colleagues while working in combat zones. The combat medical procedures in this serious game were created in collaboration with Wilderness Medical Associates International. This project was created with Unity3D enhanced with cinematic 3D tools created by Cinema Suite. The game uses the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Razer Hydra controller to bring a deeper level of immersion to the player.

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