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Short summary

After five miscarriages Niamh's patient Kara Meredith has persuaded her 50 year old mother Diane Larkin to be her surrogate. But trouble arises when Diane, who lost her son in an accident some years earlier, decides she wants to keep the baby for herself and Kara's angry reaction comes close to jeopardising the birth. Heston meanwhile feels that he is having too many senior moments and Emma is surprised to find Adam teaching Karen and Mandy yoga in her house.

Episode cast overview:
Owen Brenman Owen Brenman - Dr. Heston Carter
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh Elisabeth Dermot Walsh - Dr. Zara Carmichael
Dido Miles Dido Miles - Dr. Emma Reid
Jessica Regan Jessica Regan - Dr. Niamh Donoghue
Danielle Henry Danielle Henry - Mandy Marquez
Ian Kelsey Ian Kelsey - Howard Bellamy
Jan Pearson Jan Pearson - Karen Hollins
Lorna Laidlaw Lorna Laidlaw - Mrs. Tembe
Ben Joiner Ben Joiner - Adam Grundy
Sally Ann Triplett Sally Ann Triplett - Diane Larkin
Ali Bastian Ali Bastian - Kara Meredith
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