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    • Author: Bev
    ...aka "Les Libertines " and "Dave Young" aka Pierre Chenal!!!: : the real name of the director does not appear in the cast and credits ;it speaks volumes about this work!A man who made very good works in the thirties ("La Maison Du Maltais" " L Affaire Lafarge") ,in the forties ("La Foire Aux Chimères" ) and even in the fifties ("Jeux Dangereux")has sunk really low in this soft semi-porno movie,the kind of work which was granted a PG 18 in the seventies but would not offense a thirteen -year old today;people who would like to get an eyeful will be disappointed:there're two or three short love scenes including lesbians and an orgy (but most of the people keep their clothes on).

    Dave Young (!) also wrote the screenplay which is primarily a detective story with a gangster on the lam (Robert Hossein: why on earth did he have to get involved in that business?I'm sure it's a movie he WANTS to forget;he and his co-star Marisa Mell always appear dressed),a convalescent home strictly for ladies ,a valuable necklace (170 million Francs no less),and the staff's ominous plans .

    A wise fan of Pierre Chenal would pass this up,if only out of respect for this director;fans of Dave Young (if there are any ,which is doubtful) can have a look.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Marisa Mell Marisa Mell - Isabelle
    Robert Hossein Robert Hossein - Serge Belaïeff
    Ettore Manni Ettore Manni - Le docteur Henri Delmas
    Robert Dalban Robert Dalban - Mario
    Alberto Dalbés Alberto Dalbés - Philippe (as Albert Dalbes)
    Albert Minski Albert Minski - Lucas
    Ellen Bahl Ellen Bahl - Irène
    Krista Nell Krista Nell - Christine (as Christa Nell)
    Sabine Sun Sabine Sun - Judith
    Manuel de Blas Manuel de Blas - Jean-Marie
    Colette Giacobine Colette Giacobine - Dominique Leprince (as Colette Jack)
    Perla Cristal Perla Cristal - Claude
    Charly Bravo Charly Bravo - Bernard (as Carlos Bravo)
    Patricia Nigel Patricia Nigel - Reine Mason
    Danielle Durou Danielle Durou - Marceline
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