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After she is released from a mental hospital, a woman obsessed with romance novels takes a job as a nanny to a handsome widower -- and will kill anyone who stands in the way of her becoming his wife.

The nanny is in real life 2 years older than the daughter in the movie.

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    • Author: Pipet
    Just like in THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, the movie centers on a psycho nanny who'd do anything to keep her secret. And as people get suspicious, the bodycount begins and the walls close on the psycho nanny, leading to the invertible final climax.

    But here the motivation is different: it's not revenge, it's just pure madness and the main character's need to be loved "just like in the books".

    This movie never soars to incredible heights of suspense or originality, but it keeps the viewer interested, mostly due to the superb cast.

    It's definitely worth viewing. I liked it as a little snack. Not much more.
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    • Author: Kuve
    Loved this movie. I thought it was superbly DONE! I know this might shock some movie goers but it was totally entertaining. The lead actress was delightful. I enjoyed seeing her try to get her way come hell or high water. I couldn't believe I was actually cheering her on in her exploits. She was exceptional and totally believable. I disagree with the comment that it was poorly written. Loved it! Bruce B and Katherine H couldn't have been better in their roles. The Great Katherine H displayed just the right amount of creepster and made you understand why the lead actress was the way she was. I think she got the shishkabob just like she deserved. Then at the end it was fantastic when Bruce turns into the love that she dreamed so much of having.
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    • Author: Gold as Heart
    I cannot be totally objective about this film as I have a soft spot for the lovely Susan Blakely who must have one of the most sincere faces on this earth ! This being the case, any film starring her will be a pleasure to watch for me ! That apart, I did find the film pretty good, I had already seen the film "The Perfect Tenant" which was made by the same director ( and also starred Tracy Nelson in the role of a mentally unsound woman ), Now as to Tracy Nelson herself, she indeed plays a very worrying and frightening character, you do actually forget she is acting and actually believe her to be the part she is playing. This is really quite frightening as her moves are psychotic and unpredictable. She commits brutal murder without really realizing what she is doing. She is living in a fantasy world and trying to act it out in real life. Not a film to be watched alone or late at night ! I am also very keen on the actor Bruce Boxleitner whom I have seen in several films previously. I have seen other readers compare this film to "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" with Jessica Lange. I did enjoy that but found this film far more frightening and anguishing, notably from the performance given by Tracy Nelson. I managed to find it on DVD in the USA and certainly didn't regret my purchase !
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    • Author: Kajishakar
    In the opening scene of "The Perfect Nanny," an unhappy-looking brunette woman grabs a knife from her kitchen, marches into the bedroom where two people are having sex, and . . . stabs herself in the stomach. It's an obvious twist. Unfortunately, it's the only twist in this dreadful made-for, which is aimed at illiterates. Literally. When the characters aren't thinking aloud, they're reading aloud from whatever book, e-mail or psychiatric case file just happens to be open in front of them. But that's fair, since the filmmakers assume their audience is as stupid as the characters in this movie, which, as the title helpfully telegraphs, is yet another thriller in the venerable "obsessive psycho insinuates herself into an innocent family's life" genre (along the lines "The Single White Female That Attracts The Cradle" or whatever). Since there is no suspense whatsoever in this thriller, its only possible entertainment value is the camp factor, which is, sadly, only moderate. The plot, or excuse for it, centers on Tracy Nelson as the unhappy brunette who, after being released from the psych ward, changes her name and becomes the receptionist for a child care service so she can emulate the heroine of her favorite romance novel, a nanny who marries her employer. Yes, you've already guessed how this sucker is going to end, so you might as well try to enjoy the ride. On the plus side, Katherine Helmond turns in yet another witty performance as yet another horrible old lady, this time the psychonanny's abusive mother. Fans of blood and gore will also appreciate the body count, as the malicious Mary Poppins leaves a trail of victims that would embarrass Ted Bundy. The weak link, as always, is the family that the au parasite stalks, which is so boring that only a psycho would want want to live with them. Widower Bruce Boxleitner is a brilliant neurosurgeon but apparently too stupid to check references, let alone notice that his college-aged daughter (Dana Barron) is actually in her mid-30s. (Sweet "young" Fawn is off to study English Literature at Cambridge in a few months -- it can't be easy to wait fifteen years for your Junior Year Abroad.) The kid who the caretaker is supposed to take care of, ten-year-old Ben, is an easily duped genius (like father, like son). 70s stalwart Susan Blakely, still looking pretty decent in a bathing suit, shows up as Bruce's colleague and potential love interest but doesn't get enough screen time to perk up the proceedings. So you've read that title, which tells you what's going to happen. Watch at your own risk.
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    • Author: Adaly
    The perfectly bad opening has wide-eyed psycho "romance novel" reader Tracy Nelson (as Andrea McBride) walking in on scruffily sexy husband Darren Gray Ward (as Troy Hatfield) with an arousing blonde. She stabs herself and not the blonde, which understandably lands Ms. Nelson in a mental hospital. Upon release, Nelson takes a thankfully more natural approach to knife wielding. In the future, she will only stab herself when absolutely necessary. Nelson fantasizes about a romance similar to the one in her favorite novel "The Passion of Mandy". She gets a job as "The Perfect Nanny" by stealing the resume of "Nikki Harcourt" and lands a job working for Southern California neurosurgeon Bruce Boxleitner (as James Lewis)...

    In the hospital, it's easy to tell he's a good guy by comparing Mr. Boxleitner's height and hair count with rival Scott Alan Smith (as Doctor Conrad). Attracting ex-model Susan Blakely (as Julia Bruning), the widower Boxleitner has two children, college-bound Dana Barron (as Fawn) and gullible young Scott Terra (as Ben). The boy boasts an IQ of 162, but daughter Dana turns out to be the smartest branch on the family tree. Getting wiser and visibly older in close-ups, Ms. Barron suspects there's a rotten nanny in the house. Livening up events is ditsy mother Katherine Helmond (as Rebecca McBride), who proves some apples don't fall far from the tree. Nelson and her trashy family are perfectly cast, and watching Barron unravel the plot is dumb fun.

    ****** The Perfect Nanny (2000) Robert Malenfant ~ Tracy Nelson, Bruce Boxleitner, Dana Barron, Katherine Helmond
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    • Author: Haracetys
    Fantastic movie, pity if the story can be extended longer and this will make it more interesting.

    Some same plot with other movie except this one glues me to the seat. It happen to be premiere on HBO.

    By the way, the beginning and ending are perfect, that is what i like in a movie.
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    • Author: Chi
    I think this is one of the best thrillers i've ever seen, really this movie has shock suspense scenes, is one of those movies where you don't know what is going to happen in the next scene.

    Well the movie started as a low budget movie that makes you think that it won't be good, but then it starts with the crazy obsession of the Nanny with her boss, and then the boss' daughter knows what she is planning but nobody trust her, because everybody is trapped with the charm of the nanny, and then Nanny is taking out all the obstacles in her way to get the doctor's love.

    It is a very frightening movie, i liked it very much, i really think that a 4.6 is not a good rating for this excellent movie.
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    • Author: Risky Strong Dromedary
    This movie was poorly written and poorly acted. The plot was so lousy and didn't make sense. A huge rip off of "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". Tracy Nelson plays a young woman who tries to commit suicide and after being released from a mental hospital, goes out and finds a job as a nanny for a widower. She's obsessed with her romance novels and wants to live her life as in her novels. She begins to kill whoever gets in the way of her chance at the doctor and his children's lives. The whole movie itself was trash and yet again we have to cringe when we find out what good money is being used for. Tracy Nelson was the only good actor in this one but that was about it. I'd rather you stare at your walls then watch this snoozer. Give me a B-O-R-I-N-G!! What does that spell?? THIS MOVIE!!
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Tracy Nelson Tracy Nelson - Andrea McBride / Nikki Harcourt
    Bruce Boxleitner Bruce Boxleitner - Dr. Robert Lewis
    Dana Barron Dana Barron - Fawn Lewis
    Scott Terra Scott Terra - Ben Lewis
    Susan Blakely Susan Blakely - Dr. Julia Bruning
    Katherine Helmond Katherine Helmond - Mrs. McBride
    Darren Gray Ward Darren Gray Ward - Troy Hatfield
    Cindy Guyer Cindy Guyer - Mandy
    Amy Stoch Amy Stoch - Beth O'Reilly (as Amy Stock-Poynton)
    Sara Van Horn Sara Van Horn - Nurse Thelma
    Scott Alan Smith Scott Alan Smith - Conrad
    David Sederholm David Sederholm - Handsome Man
    Joyce Fessides Joyce Fessides - Doris
    Charles Glenn Charles Glenn - Dr. Tanner Wallace
    Christopher Kriesa Christopher Kriesa - Librarian
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