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Jeremy, in love with his best friend's wife, Suzanna, struggles unable to fulfill his desire.
Jeremy, in love with his best friend's wife, Suzanna, struggles unable to fulfill his desire.

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    • Author: Flamekiller
    Music score was right on. The non-verbal communication was simplistic and spot on. It's unpredictable ending was great. Perfect film. Awesome! Joseph, you did it again!
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    • Author: Brightcaster
    Actions speak louder than words in this amazingly produced silent short film that demonstrates the difference between fantasy and reality, and the consequences that occur when we can no longer keep them separate. Written and produced by Joseph McGovern, Jeremy (Anthony Scaning) is in love with his best friend's wife, Suzanna (Melissa Damas). His thoughts and fantasies become obsession as his desire for her grows stronger. The outcome of it all brings to light the all too true reality of this world and the nature of the human psyche's need for self gratification.
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    • Author: Manazar
    This film has an important message to say in a brief moment. Production was solid. few hiccups here and there with lighting at times but the color grading was extremely well done! I enjoyed the piece on an artistic level and respect the message being driven home! Very nice job all around
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    • Author: Cointrius
    What a difficult film to watch! It reigns true in today as a huge problem with women and men who can't understand no means no and the aftermath! What I love most is how a small indie production can pack a huge punch of a message with minimalistic filmmaking. Very cool!
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    • Author: Saintrius
    This piece is obscure, experimental, different and heartbreaking. the journey through the main character to not succumb to temptation is a difficult watch. and the twist at the end is worth the multiple views! cheers to the creator! cant wait to see the next project!
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    • Author: Inerrace
    This is a powerful impactful punch of a psychological thriller in a very relevant theme of today! wonderful to see something so necessary.
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    • Author: Enone
    Although controversial, this was a tough watch to get through but very important nonetheless. the editing and lighting was well done, actors did a good job! directing and writing were both on point. Important for this film to be seen today with the message!
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    • Author: Enila
    I got a chance to preview this little gem of the metoo movement just before the Philadelphia Freedom Shorts Film Festival and it blew me away! the amount of thought that must have gone into this film - very effective. nice choice of going completely silent too, never see that around any longer. acting was as good as it needed to be to push the story, camera work and editing is what really made this go places and the color grading was so different and i dug the score, i saw it was originally made - keep an eye out for this duo. they're going places!
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    • Author: Ckelond
    An outstanding psychological drama. This film has a lot packed into it's short running time. A subject most director's would shy away from is tackled here by a well accomplished talent. Do yourself a favor and seek out both his films, you won't be disappointed.
  • Cast overview:
    Anthony Scanish Anthony Scanish - Jeremy
    Melissa Damas Melissa Damas - Suzanna
    Kristin Ann Teporelli Kristin Ann Teporelli - Betty
    Erik Searle Erik Searle - Mark
    Constance Reshey Constance Reshey - Marge
    Marion Tention Marion Tention - Danny
    Sydney Freihofer Sydney Freihofer - Young Girl
    Joseph McGovern Joseph McGovern - Police Officer 1
    Micah Mobley Micah Mobley - Police Officer 2
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