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Peter Cushing stars in this Classic Werewolf film. How do you stop a rampaging Werewolf?

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    • Author: Bad Sunny
    Rampage of the Werewolf (2012)

    Of all the fan-made or bootlegged material out there, RAMPAGE OF THE WEREWOLF has to be one of the dumbest and cheapest but at the same time it's an interesting item, although I would say the $2 rental from Amazon still isn't work it.

    This here is the 1975 film LEGEND OF THE WEREWOLF, which has Peter Cushing trying to take care of a man who was raised by wolves as a child and grows up to become a werewolf. It was basically a re- working of Hammer's THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF but this "new" version runs just thirty-five minutes and basically takes all of the werewolf footage and edits it together.

    Why this was needed is anyone's guess but for the most part this is a complete hack-job. However, I've always thought LEGEND OF THE WEREWOLF was a pretty weak movie so there's a part of me that wants to admit that just watching the werewolf scenes was a bit more fun than watching the full film. The problem is if you haven't seen LEGEND OF THE WEREWOLF then you're not going to have any idea of the story here. There's no mention of how the man became a wolf and all of the story is pretty much missing.

    The werewolf scenes are certainly the highlight of the picture so RAMPAGE OF THE WEREWOLF is just like a greatest hits package of the film.
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