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Tara begins to wonder if people really want her around when she's just herself. She tries to talk to her daughter Kate about sex but she clearly wants to avoid the subject. When son Marshall tells her that his English teacher may phone to talk about a disagreement they had at school, he decides that he would like his Dad take care of it. As a result, another of Tara's personalities makes an appearance. This time it's Alice, a old-fashioned housewife who bakes and irons clothes and the like. Her straightforward manner does solve several problems however.

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    • Author: Gindian
    After the pilot I was left with high expectations, the second episode perhaps does not live up to the previous one, however, that is not to say that I did not enjoy it, I loved it, I can't wait to see the next episode I am really loving this series.

    In this episode we were introduced to a new alter Alice the loving housewife (reminiscent of Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives). The family experience some comedy during all of this, also some of the drama of living with a person that has multiple personalities emerges in the relationship between Tara and Kate. Again, another great episode, I just can't wait until Buck rears his red neck head out again.

    In conclusion I think that this episode along with the series so far is well worth watching I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Toni Collette Toni Collette - Tara Gregson
    John Corbett John Corbett - Max Gregson
    Rosemarie DeWitt Rosemarie DeWitt - Charmaine Craine
    Keir Gilchrist Keir Gilchrist - Marshall Gregson
    Brie Larson Brie Larson - Kate Gregson
    Nate Corddry Nate Corddry - Gene Stuart
    Patton Oswalt Patton Oswalt - Neil
    Tony Hale Tony Hale - Mr. Orel Gershenoff
    Hayley McFarland Hayley McFarland - Petula
    Miki Ishikawa Miki Ishikawa - Olivia
    Daniella Monet Daniella Monet - Paige
    Annamarie Kenoyer Annamarie Kenoyer - Madison
    Stephanie Courtney Stephanie Courtney - Beth
    Susan Chuang Susan Chuang - Laurie
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