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After her twin sister is accused of witchcraft and beheaded by a fanatical religious cult, a young woman walks the razor sharp edge between myth and reality seeking the truth, hoping not to lose her head in the process.

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    • Author: Adokelv
    Headless is another hyper low budget indie horror feature, this one however blew me away.

    It tells the story of a student researching the life, times and death of an accused witch who died in the same manner as her sister. During the investigation she comes across a small religious group who may be the key to everything.

    For a start the movie is beautiful, it's perfectly shot and highly original. The movie is well written with real depth and I walked away from this very impressed.

    The sad thing is at time of writing this has less than 100 views from the IMDB community and I think that's a travesty. It's movies like this that need more recognition.

    If you're seeking a gory fast paced actiony horror then this isn't for you. If however you like your movies smart, well paced and inventive then Headless is a sure fire hit for you.

    Standing ovation for everyone involved, great film.

    The Good:

    Well shot

    Very original

    The Bad:

    Could have done with being a tad longer, 71 minutes is very short

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Considering 80% of Americans are Christian it always shocks me that most representations of Christians in the movies are negative.

    The religious are irrational so don't expect the same level of reasoning
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    • Author: Ka
    The movie was good. Everything was simple. I watched it at night when I had to wake up till the morning and I was bored. So it was a good entertainment and time passing movie. One thing I liked about the movie is every thing was simple and no over use of horror effects. It was also making a good level of suspense. I rated it 7. Because it was a quite and smooth movie with low effects. There was not so much noise as packed in other horror movies. The places in the movie were also good to see. Specially forests in winter season make a good scenery and add more breath to it. The story is also smooth and simple. Good for people who want simple quite suspense horror.
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    • Author: GoodLike
    Same old question about shillage - I'm wondering if the two reviews (7 and 8/10) at the top on IMDB were made by either friends/relatives of Toby Lawrence or others associated with the production. Casts further serious doubt about reliability of IMDB reviews.

    Banal, tedious, and improbable, but at least nearly without gore (the crutch of every hack who lacks the ambition, knowledge, and skill to capture atmosphere, build suspense or craft actual dread). Somewhat interesting premise squandered - script is uninspired, pacing is poor (feels long for 70+ minutes) acting (aside from Jackson) embarrassingly bad, main character absurdly credulous/indulgent with bumpkin cultists who are creepy from the get-go to the point where she's earned a Darwin award nomination. What the hell was that supposed to be at the end? Deus ex machina in the form of Hannah Singer's magic box assisted by coven-mate kibuki-faced ghosts released Futurama-style (taking the lids off jars with heads in them)? Was her sister actually a witch? Wow. Was this a college film project? If so, it should have gotten a D. Plot is similar to the 1960 classic City of the Dead with Christopher Lee...

    To say this is anti-Christian would be giving it credit for something it doesn't deserve as it is only incidental to the plot. Christian cults are a dime a dozen and therefore a very low-hanging cliche for the unimaginative.

    Might have been better developed as a Tales from the Crypt episode. If you want rural horror, try actually watching Deliverance all the way through...

    Toby, you can to better than this.
  • Cast overview:
    Emily Jackson Emily Jackson - Marie Cunningham
    Brecht Andersch Brecht Andersch - Freddie Jones
    Brett Mann Brett Mann - Daniel Jones
    Will Manning Will Manning - Bobby Jones
    Thomas Poole Thomas Poole - John Jones
    John Mounier John Mounier - Phil Marlin
    Christopher Campbell Christopher Campbell - Shopkeeper
    Kevin Molohan Kevin Molohan - Park Janitor
    Patrick Ford Patrick Ford - Friendly Townsperson
    Erin Lawrence Erin Lawrence - Hannah Singer
    Zoe Raines Zoe Raines - Witch #1
    Jenna Nuesse Jenna Nuesse - Witch #2
    Vanessa Hernandez Vanessa Hernandez - Witch #3
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