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The case of Darlie Routier, who was convicted of murdering her 5-year-old son in 1997.

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    • Author: Anarasida
    The case of Darlie Routier is both shocking and enigmatic in equal measure. Convicted in February 1997 of the murder of her two young sons, she has been on death row in Texas ever since. This documentary was made relatively soon after her conviction, and the two men who investigate it here come to no firm conclusion.

    If she committed this horrific crime, many people would argue she deserves to die. We have seen this sort of thing before, an unknown intruder enters a dwelling, commits a crime, then vanishes leaving some poor innocent sap to take the rap, but what evidence is there that any such person existed here? There is certainly evidence that Darlie has not told the whole truth, and even that shortly after she was discharged from the hospital she faked injuries on her arms. Then there are the stories that have been spun about her husband attempting to set up an insurance fraud; how much credibility do these warrant? The only thing we can say for certain is that the prosecutors believed and still believe 100% in her guilt.

    Herein all manner of speculations and theories are bandied about. Occam's Razor tells us the simplest solution is the obvious one, but that still leaves the biggest question, why? Knock yourself out trying to solve this one, a decade and a half on, the situation remains basically the same.
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