» » Claustrophonia (2016)

Short summary

Claustrophonia is an interactive experience where the audience is directly involved in this post apocalyptic thriller with a romantic hint. A virus has destroyed mankind. A terrible virus that is transmitted by eye contact and let victims paralyzed but still alive. Mati seems to be the last person on earth able to move by herself. She's hiding herself, loosing her last hopes, when a music comes from somewhere. Just some notes, a heavenly Gary Jules is singing somewhere in the wind. That could be her last hope... Her way to find safeness, but above all her lost love, is scary and dangerous. She'll have to beware infected people but also face her memories coming strongly in what seems to be just a bad joke of her mind. At the end, where the music is at its loudest, three doors separate Mati from her hope to meet again someone special. Which one to open? The audience will decide.

Credited cast:
Patrick Fryer Patrick Fryer
Matilde Gioli Matilde Gioli
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