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Titus is torn between living his dream and winning back Mikey. Lillian takes a final stand against gentrification. Kimmy has an influential fan.

In the pilot, Kimmy and Titus sing "Circle of Life" from The Lion King (1994) on Times Square where Titus works as an Iron Man impersonator, in order to make ends meet. In this last episode of the show, Titus sings the song as part of the cast of the Broadway musical version, signifying that he has become a star finally.

This is the Series Finale

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    • Author: Danskyleyn
    It was an amazing finale, that tied up the loose ends. I just wish we got to have more bc 4 seasons was not enough. Amazing show.
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    • Author: Macage
    I absolutely loved this series from beginning to end. This is my first review ever and i must say that this show has truly out done itself every single season. Season 4 was truly the best and it ended amazing. We get to see our characters get the happy endings we wanted for them. Four years later we see Lilian is living life doing whatever as she pleases and shows her love for her home nyc by becoming a MTA voice operator, Titus and Mikey finally end up together and married with Two beautiful babies as they're on the red carpet. Jacqueline is Titus Manager (along with Greg Kinear) and she's in love with her talent manager co-partner. As we see Kimmy and her children's books success leads her not only to an ameusement park world with rides but a relationship again with her Mother. This is truly the happy ending we deserved to see and I absolutely love this show and will be forever grateful to see and be along of the experience and anticipation of waiting for each seasons release and watching the last few minutes up until the end. Thank you to the series writers Robert Carlock and Tina Fey. I'll forever love the world created and it's beloved amazing charecters, Kimmy,Titus,Jacqueline, and Lilian! Hopefully the movie being talked about happens but if not it's okay because the series finale more than enough wraps things perfectly in a nice little bow.
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    • Author: Llallayue
    My first review ever.

    What can I say? I'd be lying if I didn't see the last few seconds of Kimmy Schmidt through a fuzzy veil of purple, yellow and pink splotches of color, that became a clear image once I blinked and sent a tear on its merry way down.

    This season was a rough one for the audience member. Where I ( and including most my friends ) lost the trajectory of interest of the show was the " documentary " episode. I love John Hamm, great actor, easy on the eyes obviously, but I have no idea where the hell that episode was going. It was much a turn off as being caught looking at a dirty magazine by your parents in high school. It just disconnected the flow and the zaniness of what we so loved about this show. However, seeing as how I really don't commit much to anything the whole way through, I talked myself into bypassing through the documentary episode and fufill my promise of finishing the series Like I did on that first episode a few years back. I can definitely say, that season 4 was the right time to say goodbye. I believe that the story had perched Kimmy and all the characters as far as they could go and though four seasons seems relatively short in a sitcom world, but it felt right. In a world full of fast growth with technology and unlimited access to knowledge and the way this tub boat that we're all riding along with works, Probably expedited Kimmys journey into catching up fifteen years into just four seasons. I'm not going to baby step and give anyone a recap of the episode because , It's not Shakespeare and No one should have to have their hands held for a show like Kimmy Schmidt. Take it for what it is, a fun journey of positive outlook on everyday life and when the writing is good, it's brilliant. Thanks for this enjoyable ride, and the ending is just what anyone could have wanted. So, I tip my hat to Kimmy Schmidt, Titus and Jacqueline for a great series ,though somewhat rocky by the end. And one more thing , run Lilian !
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    • Author: Murn
    My on,u complaint is about Mimi Kanasis (Amy Sedaris), what happened to her after four years?
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    • Author: Dordred
    Kimmy getting an amusement park wasn't what I expected, but shows have certainly had crazier finales than this.

    It made me laugh a couple times, but the show probably wrapped a year two late. It is not the institution it once was, even though we will all miss it.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Ellie Kemper Ellie Kemper - Kimmy Schmidt
    Tituss Burgess Tituss Burgess - Titus Andromedon
    Carol Kane Carol Kane - Lillian Kaushtupper
    Jane Krakowski Jane Krakowski - Jacqueline White
    Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow - Lori-Anne Schmidt
    Lauren Adams Lauren Adams - Gretchen Chalker
    Sara Chase Sara Chase - Cyndee Pokorny
    Sol Miranda Sol Miranda - Donna Maria Nuñez
    Zachary Quinto Zachary Quinto - Eli Rubin
    Kenan Thompson Kenan Thompson - Roland
    Peter Riegert Peter Riegert - Artie Goodman
    Mike Carlsen Mike Carlsen - Mikey Politano
    Dylan Gelula Dylan Gelula - Xanthippe Voorhees
    Myra Lucretia Taylor Myra Lucretia Taylor - Nono Folami
    Brandon Andrus Brandon Andrus - Andrew
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