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A man in a miserable marriage finds solace in a 19th Century house, haunted by a ghost he sees as his "Dead Wife", but is it all a dream or is he really at the brink of insanity?
Graham and his wife Andrea are mired in a functional but passionless marriage. Graham sleepwalks through the dull ritual that his life has become. Shortly after the couple moves into an eerie 19th Century house, Graham discovers an old music box in the attic containing photos of a hauntingly beautiful woman.Soon faint strains of music lure Graham to the attic where he encounters the woman in the photos-The Dead Wife. She offers Graham the passion that his relationship with Andrea lacks, but while The Dead Wife leads Graham deeper and deeper into the abyss, Andrea makes a final desperate attempt to pull him out. Will she succeed or will Graham yield to the Dead Wife's dark embrace?

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The film's title comes from the title of a 1985 song by English singer-songwriter and actor Robyn Hitchcock. The song was itself inspired by the 1945 film Blithe Spirit (1945).

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    • Author: Jusari
    Do not waste 82 minutes of your life! I have spent the last few years watching a selection of the worst films I can find. Many times this is because the acting can be hilariously bad, the script laughable or for many other reasons.

    In those years I have never regretted watching a movie more than seeing "My Wife and My Dead Wife".

    The film is only 82 minutes long but we felt we had sat there for an eternity.

    To begin with we have an actor who is neither photogenic or any good as the lead. Guy Balotine delivers his lines like they have absolutely no meaning (I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - he possibly read the script to the end and lost the will to live - no pun intended).

    Graham (Guy) marriage is breaking down apparently, the signs are completely unclear to see in the way that he and his wife inter-react. In fact there seems to be nothing too wrong with his marriage.

    However the move into the new house and the discovery of a music box whose distorted tune would have every dog howling in the neighbourhood leads him to find pictures of his "Dead Wife" and start having affair with the same.

    This involves him sneaking home, missing work and those around him thinking that his drinking problem has re-surfaced (This in itself pushed into the script in a party scene).

    From about 10 minutes in I wished Graham was dead and with his dead wife continually telling him he needs to take the next step you have an idea where this is going.

    Direction is shoddy at best with some awful cuts leading to black screen that make you wonder exactly what was intended. Or possibly not even caring. To say that the best shot of the film was when his "living - although also wooden" wife puts out a candle is no lie. WE commented on this whilst we were watching it.

    The music as well. Possibly limited by budget we are given original music that builds the tension with a flamenco guitar and a viola (which I hope was being played by a talented 8 or 9 year old rather than some professional musician).

    The original music scored, in fact, isn't bad. It is just not for this movie.

    Another sign of this films quality was the cheer (of relief) as the titles finally ran.

    I find nothing in this film to recommend it to anyone. It is slow, dull, badly acted and possibly the least enjoyable time I have spent watching celluloid.
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    • Author: Stick
    Featuring a cast of rather listless actors plodding along through what is after all a rather simple story, "My Wife and My Dead Wife" left me feeling this could have been better covered in a half hour episode of the Twilight Zone.

    It's shot well enough, and most of the actors aren't that bad (in an amateur dramatic society sort of way) - no, my main gripe goes to the dialogue/script writer (if there was one) and the people who "wrote" the soundtrack - especially the apparently random notes generated by the musical box which gave me a headache, not to mention the Spanish guitar strumming away inappropriately during some scenes, (giving some attempted ethereal moments a spaghetti western flavour).

    This movie is as scary or supernatural as an episode of the Simpsons' Tree House of Horror series - in fact I quote (as Homer aka "Graham", the lead man goes up to the attic) "Now, where the hell is that light... doh!" as he bashes his head I assume - and while we're on dialogue, who has ever really said "What a day" (takes a swig of beer), "I'm beat!" **SPOILER AHEAD** This, in short, is a story of a lawyer called Graham, with none too apparent marital problems, who, when moving to a new ACME Spooky House, finds a disappointingly cheap looking musical box which, apart from giving every audience member a migraine, summons a badly acted ghost, who, apart from being generous in the nookie department, continually tells him to TAKE THE NEXT STEP SO THAT THEY CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER.

    This dead wife of the title looks not so much ghostly, as someone who is either a bit "special" or a hippy – or both. She's sort of distracted and blank, and oh so wooden. She does seem to nag him quite a bit about taking the NEXT STEP, (she's dead, he's not – what could she mean?) while his real wife actually seems quite nice and supportive to him (just don't forget to wash the dishes!) He starts skiving off work to, er, "liaise" with the dead missus, but also continues to have a rare old time with the live wife, and this seems to carry on, and on, and on, in real time, for about a month, with not much more plot development, until he eventually quaffs a nice big bottle of vodka.................. AND TAKES THE NEXT............ oh, that would be telling I suppose.

    Oh and a special mention to the lead man Guy Balotine, whose portrayals of "Graham" sober and happy, "Graham" drunk and angry, "Graham" after presumably a bucket of tequila in some bar, and "Graham" getting sacked ...... are all exactly the same.

    Finally a genuinely spooky moment – I must have dozed off after another scene of Graham skiving off from work, only to wake up with a start, at the same time as Graham on screen wakes up with a start! We looked at each other and I could swear he was thinking what I was thinking…."What the hell am I doing here?"
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    • Author: Adrielmeena
    It was refreshing to watch this film- a tense, griping tale of suspense told through the subtle, nuanced performances of a few fine actors. With all the overblown horror/suspense films leaning on the 'guts and torture' crutch nowadays I was intrigued by this film's delicate tale- almost a suspenseful stage play that was recorded on film (and quite well I might add). If you are interested in the new innovations in this genre instead of the trends and clichés, I recommend checking this one out. The performances from the leads (all unknowns to me when I watched the film)were superb- it reminded me how many good actors walk among us(lol) and the cinematography and direction were top notch. I also liked the boldness of the screenplay's choices to go places we might not expect. All in all well worth the price of admission.
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    • Author: Fato
    I recently rented this movie based on the recommendation of a friend. I was pleasantly surprised at how sharp and intense a movie this is. The movie starts with the main character, Graham and his wife Andrea, moving into an old house. After a bitter fight with his wife, Graham stumbles across a music box with some old pictures of a beautiful woman. He quickly becomes obsessed with her as his marriage and life fall apart around him. I think this movie sharply captures the miserable and desperate lives of so many people, and how ultimately we are all looking for that one thing which will make our lives meaningful. For Graham it is an escape from a reality that he finds profoundly numbing. This movie is subtle yet intense. It forces one to think and question where he/she is in their life. This movie is definitely for those among us who are willing to stop and examine our live instead of trampling through it.
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    • Author: Kulalas
    What would you do if those aspects of your life that brought you comfort and solace suddenly seemed expendable? What would you do if a strange something proved more compelling? Would you leave behind everything you valued in pursuit of this extraordinary attraction, or would you convince yourself that you were chasing a chimera? These questions are central to "My Wife and My Dead Wife," a neatly crafted study of the sometimes indistinct line between the real and unreal. I was drawn into this delightful film thanks to Guy Balotine's rock-solid performance as a man who travels down a path that threatens to divorce him from his customary existence. Solid cinematography and direction make his harrowing journey all the more vivid, heightening suspense and inspiring sympathy for his plight. Be advised: this is no slasher film or monster movie; instead, it is a thinking-person's suspense film replete with subtle characterization, well-paced plotting, and a satisfying conclusion.
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    • Author: Swordsong
    This film provided an insightful, compelling examination of the psychological abyss that exists in the space between what we have and what we desire.

    The movie begins with a husband and wife (Graham and Andrea) moving into an old house. There are signs early on that all is not well with their relationship, but nothing earthshaking...Just a subtle disconnect, missing passion. This portrayal proves to be a strength of "My Wife and My Dead Wife" throughout the film...It is the little absences that can tear most destructively at the fabric of a relationship, and this is something which the movie captures with great skill.

    Into the void in Graham's life steps the Dead Wife. We first see her when Graham discovers pictures of her in an old music box. She seems to bring to Graham all those things that he longs for, but lacks. The Dead Wife, for Graham, is like a drug. She offers an escape from his meaningless existence, but at the ultimate price. Interestingly, the film leaves the question open as to whether or not the Dead Wife even exists. But one thing is clear, as Graham becomes more involved with the Dead Wife his ability to function in the outside world becomes increasingly impaired.

    Also, as Graham becomes closer to the Dead Wife, she digs her hooks in deeper and it becomes increasingly evident that she may not be a benign presence after all.

    I found the movie increasingly gripping as Graham spiraled downward at an ever quickening pace. And although I anticipated the ending (which was impressively shot)it still felt like a blow. This was primarily because over the course of the film I genuinely cared about the characters. I also appreciated the fact that the movie did not shy away from a dark ending and leaves it to the audience to decide whether or not the Dead Wife was real or just a creation of Graham's fevered mind.

    This was a well done, thought provoking film.
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    • Author: Corgustari
    I liked this movie! I thought it was quite well written and well acted. The setting for the movie was awesome! The house was atmospheric and spooky. Costume design was great as was make-up and hairstyle. I have to admit I was hoping for something with a little more horror, but the suspense made up for that. AND, I absolutely loved the music! I thought the musical sounds throughout the movie were appropriate and added to the excitement of the story line. The music played during credits was also great and gave me shivers. I also liked the ending as it gave you something to talk about after the movie was over. I can only begin to imagine how much better the "second" movie will be - let's hope it is soon. This is a movie truly worth seeing!
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    • Author: DrayLOVE
    I really liked the idea for this story. There were so many moments when I was impressed by the directing, internal shot selections, original music and with the acting of Guy Balotine (Graham).

    The potential of this filmmaker to explore the "psychological thriller" is really terrific. We all have these dark sides that we like to avoid in ourselves but, can't get enough of it in a good story, told well. This director knows how to pick the topic and find the mystery. I will also keep my eye on Guy Balotine as his career proceeds...he has a LOT of potential.

    Can't wait to see this Director's next project.
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    • Author: Malakelv
    I was at the premiere for this movie I found it very suspenseful!! It was a type of movie you have to watch till the end!!!! I would love to see a second movie made. I hope to see more movies written by this person. The movie was intense. I loved that it was filmed in our home town, and that the family was in it. I would love to be in a movie in our own home town. Many actors and actresses became big movie stars from buffalo. I hope the best for all of the actors and actresses in the near future. Looking forward to more of this type of film in the near future. I here there may be a new film in the making can't wait to see it. Good luck to all in.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Guy Balotine Guy Balotine - Graham
    Tracey B. Wilson Tracey B. Wilson - Andrea
    Jane Flowers Jane Flowers - Dead Wife (as Jane Bacon)
    Kelleigh Murray Kelleigh Murray - Patty
    Gary Gaffney Gary Gaffney - Mike O'Brien
    John Karyus John Karyus - Client From Hell
    Kristen Kos Kristen Kos - Receptionist
    Moriah Hegmann Moriah Hegmann - Renee
    Don Gervasi Don Gervasi - Prospective Client (as Don Gervase)
    Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams - Prospective Client's Wife
    Joshua Kohl Hegmann Joshua Kohl Hegmann - Andrea's Assistant
    Ryan Bauer Ryan Bauer - Security Guard #1
    John Wrzos John Wrzos - Security Guard #2
    James Noah James Noah - Bartender
    Andrea Solecki Andrea Solecki - Waitress
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