» » A Place to Call Home The Mona Lisa Smile (2013–2018)

Short summary

The horrors of the war cast a long, unwelcome shadow over Inverness as Jack heads out around town with Sarah on her first day at work. The past haunts Olivia in a different way. Unable to stop wondering about the woman James admitted to loving in Europe, Olivia searches for any memento he may have kept of her and soon makes the shocking discovery of who the person he loved really is.

Episode cast overview:
Marta Dusseldorp Marta Dusseldorp - Sarah Adams
Noni Hazlehurst Noni Hazlehurst - Elizabeth Bligh
Brett Climo Brett Climo - George Bligh
Craig Hall Craig Hall - Jack Duncan
David Berry David Berry - James Bligh
Abby Earl Abby Earl - Anna Bligh
Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood - Olivia Bligh
Aldo Mignone Aldo Mignone - Gino Poletti
Frankie J. Holden Frankie J. Holden - Roy Briggs
Deborah Kennedy Deborah Kennedy - Doris Collins
Lisa Peers Lisa Peers - Miriam Goldberg
Martin Sacks Martin Sacks - Itzaak Goldberg
Jacinta Acevski Jacinta Acevski - Alma Grey
Scott Grimley Scott Grimley - Norman Parker
Avital Greenberg-Teplitsky Avital Greenberg-Teplitsky - Leah Goldberg
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