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A young photographer is faced with a message that forces him to deal with events that he has worked so hard to keep buried.

Bror's friend said she worked at SÖS (short for Södersjukhuset). This hospital is visible in the background of the bridge when Bror is calling her.

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    • Author: Alister
    "Bror" is the first filmmaking effort by Dutch writer and director Minco van der Weide. He wasn't even 20 when he made this one and there may be the possibility of us hearing a lot more about him in the future if he keeps going at this pace. His first full feature film is soon going to come out soon. But we will perhaps talk about that one on another occasion. This one we have here runs for 6 minutes only, 5 without credits, and focuses on a character named Bror (so no need to translate the title). The movie is in the Swedish language, probably because of the writer's origin. Malin Hidestrand also plays the only visible female character in here. Story-wise, it was not really a good watch. It occasionally worked for this runtime I guess, but it would not have for any longer and even here it felt a bit more on the pseudo important side than really on the memorable or relevant site. I am sure those who made it had a solid idea and vision, but they did not really get the vision through to the audience the way it turned out eventually with the camera being means to a dark past. Overall, camera work is good, but acting (the lead actor is kinda not good with his line delivery especially) and script could have been better. For a 20-year-old still a somewhat solid outcome. But by general standards, it's a thumbs-down. Not recommended.
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    • Author: Best West
    The reason I'm not giving Bror more stars is that I don't believe there is such a thing as a perfect film, but I must admit that this one came pretty close. It certainly ranks high in my top short films.

    This is a short film with cleverly crafted nuances. The plot is about a boy named Bror dealing with his past. When he tries to take a picture on a hill his camera shows an error screen. What follows is his way of dealing with an event that happened earlier on.

    Bror really sneaks up on you, as it starts off very slowly and quietly, you aren't sure what's happening and what happened cause the story is in the details. It makes you actively think about what happened and why.

    The filmmakers did a good job in establishing a clean, silent but also kind of depressed mood, with clever music that interacts heavily with the actions and emotions of the main character.

    Just sit back and watch, Bror ultimately packs an emotional wallop.
  • Cast overview:
    Sam Lockner Sam Lockner - Bror
    Linda Hidestrand Linda Hidestrand - Sister (voice)
    Malin Hidestrand Malin Hidestrand - Friend
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