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    • Author: Dellevar
    Another Penthouse pet who did a wonderful exciting couple pictorial dressed as an aristocrat but as the photographer was Earl Miller, i think now that it was his talent i liked… With that catch, i got a very awful result… The movie is boring, with no story, poor locations (a club!) and Vicca shows as much energy as a snail! When she makes love, she is totally lethargic, woman or man... Her partners, like Swift, are like her, almost asleep... So that was my lesson: a picture can be treacherous: it can give the illusion of hunger, nastiness but when the model acts, she reveals her true personality! So no more Vicca movies for me and I prefer her friend Nikita for sure !!!
  • Credited cast:
    Alyssa Allure Alyssa Allure
    Victoria Basque Victoria Basque
    T.T. Boy T.T. Boy
    Sindee Coxx Sindee Coxx
    Reo D'Genero Reo D'Genero
    Nick East Nick East
    George Kaplan George Kaplan
    Erika Lockett Erika Lockett
    Kyle Stone Kyle Stone
    Stephanie Swift Stephanie Swift
    Tony Tedeschi Tony Tedeschi
    Vicca Vicca
    Vince Vouyer Vince Vouyer
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