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Naughty Bear is a game all about being naughty and gaining revenge on 'them'. Chose how you want to play in a hilarious arcade game of naughtiness, sabotage and cartoon violence. Naughty Bear is set in a fictitious fantasy world where perfect bears live out a utopian life filled with play and tea parties. You play as Naughty Bear, the ugly duckling of the community. Born different and special, naughty bear is shunned from the bear's perfect commune and forced to live away from the others in case he dilutes their vision of perfection. Now the other teddy bear's are holding a party to end all parties but they don't want naughty bear to spoil it for them. Desperate to keep naughty bear from finding out they hide the party items away. Naughty bear has the power to strip the fur from the Teddies and climb inside them, taking on the shape of the perfect bears and use them to carry out any commands he wants. Face off every step of the way against Teddies and the Fuzz who have placed devious,...

On 31 May 2012, a sequel was announced by 505 Games. Titled Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, it is a download-only game and will be released in Fall 2012 for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. According to Creative Director of Behaviour Interactive, Ashley Pannell, Panic in Paradise features a new gameplay style with no 'Top Hat' mode and covers thirty-six separate levels, across eleven individual locations, each with their own difficulty ramp and the ability to purchase enhancements with in-game currency to help progress through the missions. In the first published preview of the game, it is made very clear that the sequel addresses many of the gameplay mechanic issues found with the predecessor, citing Panic in Paradise as 'an extensive retail title with a huge amount of replayability for the price of an XBLA game'.

Naughty Bear was met with negative reviews, but was recognized for its creative AI. IGN's Greg Miller scored the game 3/10 on Xbox 360 and 2.5/10 on PlayStation 3. GameSpot gave the game a 5.5/10. X-Play gave the game a 3/5. Joystiq gave the game a 2/5. The Escapist Magazine gave the game a 2/5, calling it "repetitious and clunky". Good Game's Steven O'Donnell and Stephanie Bendixsen gave the game a combined score of 2.5/20 and named it 'Worst game of the Year'. Game Informer gave the game a 6/10. However, Hyper Magazine gave the game a 8/10, one of the few to praise the game

Credited cast:
Francis Brus Francis Brus - Normalbear3
Ian Chuprun Ian Chuprun - NormalBear1 / Cop Bear
Eli Hason Eli Hason - Ninjabear
Philippe Ivanovic Philippe Ivanovic - Zombiebear
Levon Louis Levon Louis - Alienbear
Ashley Pannell Ashley Pannell - Narrator
Dave Richard Dave Richard - Unibear
Garret Thomson Garret Thomson - SWAT bear
Jean-Frederic Vachon Jean-Frederic Vachon - Normalbear2
Paul Warren Williams Paul Warren Williams - Armybear / Robobear
Avi Winkler Avi Winkler - Dangerbear / Piratebear
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