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When Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor from England travels into the heart of the Carpathian mountains to meet with the ancient Count Dracula, he discovers the bloody terror and plague ... See full summary
When Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor from England travels into the heart of the Carpathian mountains to meet with the ancient Count Dracula, he discovers the bloody terror and plague that now threatens to cast its shadow over England! Meanwhile, Quincy Morris summons his old friend Professor Van Helsing when a mysterious illness consumes his wife. Are the two puncture wounds on Lucy's throat the work of a vampire? It's a race against time as our heroes fight to save the souls of their beloved from the clutches of the original screen terror...THE TERROR OF DRACULA!

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Most exterior and interior scenes were filmed at Ft. Henry, Kingston, Ontario

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    • Author: Jaiarton
    This is a difficult one to review. The 9,9 out of ten given when I was seeing this flick was surely added by the film makers themselves. The love for old school Gothic horrors by Anthony D.P. Mann is well known for readers of Fangoria or people who see his introduction on the DVD. He adores Hammer and Amicus and Jess Franco for their love towards the Gothic feeling. By saying that you know that this flick moves away from the new styled horrors with flashy editing and gore.

    The film opens with stating that this should be classified under Hammer or Amicus horror flicks. That should be great but the Gothic atmosphere is never there. The budget was too low to give it that feeling. The edited it slowly and added the VHS look over the film, scratches included but that doesn't make it a Hammer. Hammer and Amicus used real effects and the two effects here are done CGI wise. Many of the actors did appear for the first time and it shows. Some acting is really wooden.

    What Anthony did was staying as close as possible to the real Bram Stoker script. If you have seen Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula then you will recognize some scene's here in Terror Of Dracula. But there is too much talking in stead of action. Anthony plays Dracula himself and you can see that he loves the character.

    Maybe indeed old school buffs will love it. I love the Gothic horrors but therefore I missed the typical nudity and bloodletting. Maybe it looked more like a 50's 60's flick...

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 4/5 Comedy 0/5
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    • Author: Hidden Winter
    This is SOOOO not reminiscent of the Gothic horror of Hammer . I downloaded a copy for free, and i feel i was robbed..This movie states it is Bram stokers Dracula.. IT Isn't anyones Dracula except the guy who wasted the small amount of time making this swill. The only reason i'm even still writing this review is because IMDb makes you do at least 10 lines of text. Hopefully this will save anyone else from wasting their time with watching this garbage. The acting is horrible, the small production value is that of a Jr high school play..Too be honest i watched not even half of this so called movie. I couldn't stomach to watch the rest
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    • Author: Dobpota
    I was pleased to finally view this film. I went in knowing that this was a modest production. Looking past its humble audio-visual values, what this project evidences is a deep love and respect for its subject matter - the Gothic origins of the Dracula Mythology. Anthony D. P. Mann and company have put together a script that honors the Stoker source material while bringing their own ideas to the table. The depiction of the Count by Mann is quite effective. In the modern milieu, overrun by vampires as erotic creatures or teen idols, it is refreshing to see the portrayal of Dracula as the evil monster Stoker intended. Such projects should be encouraged by the intended community - lovers of horror, appreciators of an older form of storytelling, where dialogue is important and genre traditions are revered. I look forward to whatever projects this troupe has planned next.
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    • Author: SoSok
    I was surprised by the performances and production. It is quite interesting to see that they have placed details that can not be seen in other versions of Dracula.

    I do not know how to raise money to make a movie (long) in other countries, but consider: Actors, clothes, objects, locations, cameras, editing, etc. All this represents cost And a budget of only 15,000? Great job!

    You just have to watch and don't want a copy of a super production or silly action/effects movie. Watch and enjoy a good movie!

    > The Original Gothic Horror Returns <
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    • Author: Skunk Black
    This is a Canadian film, that will surprise you with its twist on the old Dracula story and its quality. The film has been made to look and feel like the old hammer productions and pulls it off with flying colours. The film was shot in the Kingston, Ontario region with a small budget. The film takes us from Transylvania where Dracula lives then on to England for the finally. But as everyone tends to know the "Dracula" story now a days, its the differences that will grab ya in this film. Anyone who likes horror with story and without to much gore will love this film. The film is not rated but anyone 13yrs and over should have no problems or even mature kids as there is little gore. It is great to see something this good come out of Canada! This film is sure to become a cult classic!!
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    • Author: Frei
    I had to write this review to counter the one posted as it was clearly made up and posted by one of the crew or cast members from this film . The Budget was spent all on the graphics and nothing else . the acting was at best stale flat and boring . 90% of the film is filmed in 1 of 3 rooms with 2 or 3 people in shot at any one time ( notice I did not use the word Actor as this would give you the wrong impression ). I found the film dull and boring from the start to the last word at the was meant to be set in the 1800's yet clearly there is a T.V Ariel in shot . the plot was thought up over a doughnut and the script over a coffee ..The Ending had what could best be described as a stumble of a finish. Only Watch this if you got 98 mins to burn . 1/10 wast of time I would sue the film company for visual and verbal assault if I could.
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    • Author: Wrathshaper
    TERROR OF DRACULA is yet another screen adaptation of the Bram Stoker novel, this time made by a couple of Canadians on an indie budget. As such, this looks and feels like nothing more than an amateur dramatic production of the book: shot in just a handful of locations, with actors playing dress up and delivering their lines monotonously. It's automatically one of the worst Dracula films out there purely because of the lack of money and the subsequently fake look and feel, no matter how much the directors love their genre.
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    • Author: Felolv
    This effort does so much more with a very modest budget than most other interpretations of the Bram Stoker classic. First, it respects the novel: an undead creature whose only nourishment is human blood would be strongly motivated to go from an empty castle in the wilds of Transylvania to the world's busiest (1897) metropolis, with its limitless supply of blood. It's absurd and stupid to refashion the nightmare of the novel into the assorted erotica of Hollywood and European films. Second, it takes itself seriously: although some of the acting is terrible, most of it is rather good; some of the dialogue is bad, but again most of it is excellent; but, most importantly, the movie attempts to frighten you, as a horror movie based on the most terrifying novel of all should. The story requires expensive special effects (unfortunately beyond the reach of such a tiny budget) and some better actors; but it manages to evoke some of the atmosphere of the novel, something beyond much more lavish productions. This (mostly) talented group deserves more viewer support and much more financing.
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    • Author: Urllet
    One of the scariest books of all time. Made into of the most scariest movies of all time. Terror of Dracula will make you jump with fright. For people looking for a really scary movie this is the one to see. This is a remake. And it is one of the scariest remakes you will ever see. This horror film has a great story line. It also has great acting. It also has great special effects. The Terror of Dracula will scary the life write out of you. A romanian vampire comes to England. This truly one of the scariest movie of all time. If this dose not scary you no movie will. 3.9 is just underrating it. More people should see this movie. It is a great horror movie.
  • Credited cast:
    Matt Davis Matt Davis - Johnathan Harker
    Heidi L. Dennis Heidi L. Dennis - Katarina
    Angela Faulkner Angela Faulkner - Dracula's Bride #1
    Andrea Hiltz Andrea Hiltz - Matron Agatha
    Ilke Hincer Ilke Hincer - Quincy Morris
    Vikki Jinn Vikki Jinn - Bride #2
    Anthony D.P. Mann Anthony D.P. Mann - Count Dracula
    Dick Miller Dick Miller - Dr. Jack Seward
    Noelle Piche Noelle Piche - Bride #1
    Angella Scott Angella Scott - Lucy Morris
    Terry Wade Terry Wade - Professor Van Helsing
    Denise Wedge Denise Wedge - Mina
    Barry Yuen Barry Yuen - Renfield
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