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    • Author: Thetalas
    La danse du vent is not a typical tunisian film, it does not speak to the average audience but to a more specific intellectual audience. The film is about a director who travels to southern tunisia to choose locations & prepare for his next project. He arrives at a village then drives out in the desert at night & soon his 4X4 gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. He is stranded & has to survive & find a way out by discovering the area surrounding him, he starts to see mirages & is only comforted by what is an obsession of a bedouin woman he briefly met earlier who visits him in a dream or is a dream herself. He soon finds he has to move on from where he is stuck & forfeit his dream or obsession, as in the scene where he lets his script & sketches get blown with the desert wind. Beautifully shot & directed, manages to instill a feeling of desolation with the worsening of the situation. This film is an indication that tunisian films are maturing beyond the common realms of traditional arabic films.
  • Credited cast:
    Hatem Berrabeh Hatem Berrabeh
    Haifa Bouzouita Haifa Bouzouita
    Mohamed Chouikh Mohamed Chouikh
    Chakera Rammeh Chakera Rammeh
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