» » Ghost Adventures Terror in Fontana (2008– )

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Zak and the crew travel to Fontana, CA, to investigate the suburban home of a family who claim they're being terrorized by a demon. During the intense lockdown, the guys are shocked by a satanic message sent through a child's toy.

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    • Author: ACOS
    I am a fan of ghost adventures but this episode wasn't enjoyable at all. Everything that happened can be explained naturally and easily.

    The mum was over the top and all she seemed interested in was her 5 minutes of fame. It all seemed too convenient and she played up to the cameras!

    I can't help thinking that it's a show by the family.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Zak Bagans Zak Bagans - Himself
    Aaron Goodwin Aaron Goodwin - Himself
    Billy Tolley Billy Tolley - Himself
    Jay Wasley Jay Wasley - Himself
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